Preparing your comprehensive exams

Welcome to the Comps study page

The goal of this page is to help CSULB Mathematics and Statistics graduate students prepare for the Comprehensive Exams. These exams are tough, and all too frequently, good students turn in mediocre papers or even fail. Our philosophy is that with better information, the whole process will be less painful, more successful, and ultimately, more beneficial for the students.


  • Paperwork. Links to the schedules, and sign-up sheet.
  • Why bother? A pep talk.
  • Timeline. Countdown to successful Comps.
  • Subject specific help. Information on Comps in different fields.
    • Relevant courses
    • Syllabi
    • Old exams
    • Tips from faculty
    • Faculty mentors
  • Mistakes to avoid. Blunders people have made in the past. But you won't make them!

Good luck!