Math Day at the Beach 2009


Individual Round Results
1 Zhang, Zhifan "Ivan" University HS (Irvine)
2 Zhi, Dillon Woodbridge HS (Irvine)
3 Yin, Kevin San Marino HS
4 Tian, Yuxi Irvine HS
5 Xing, George University HS (Irvine)
6 Song, Ji Unn Independents 2
7T Ke, David Arcadia HS
7T Ramirez, Alex Troy HS (Fullerton)
7T Whang, Jay Troy HS (Fullerton)
10 Yang, Dai University HS (Irvine)


Team Results
Rank School
Division A  
1 University HS (Irvine) (overall champion school)
2 Troy HS (Fullerton)
3 Arcadia HS
4 Woodbridge HS (Irvine)
5 San Marino HS
Division B  
1 Irvine HS
2 Diamond Bar HS
3 West HS (Torrance)
4 Dos Pueblos HS (Goleta)
5 Loyola HS (Los Angeles)


The following schools will be in Division A in 2010:

University HS (Irvine)
Troy HS (Fullerton)
Arcadia HS
Woodbridge HS (Irvine)
San Marino HS
North Hollywood HS
Palos Verdes Peninsula HS
Irvine HS
Diamond Bar HS
Northwood HS (Irvine)
Palos Verdes HS

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