Incoming Freshmen

Early Start Math

If you are required to take ESM, you can take ESM at any CSU campus, but you are strongly encouraged to take ESM at CSULB.

For more information about our ESM, please refer to Early Start Math section of our Math Placement web site.

ALEKS Mathematics Placement - Precaulcus Algebra and Calculus Readiness Exam

The ALEKS Mathematics Placement is mainly used as a diagnostic test to see if you are ready for precalculus algebra or calculus. This placement test is mandatory for incoming freshmen who want to take Calculus - Math 119A or Math 122.

For information about your Mathematics Placement, please refer to our Math Placement web site.

For information on how to complete the ALEKS Math Placement, please check out the information about ALEKS Mathematics Placement under the link ALEKS Math Placement Guide.

What Math and/or Statistics Classes Do I Need?

Different majors need different Math and Statistics classes. You should consult with your advisors at your pre-major advising centers as listed below.

  1. UCUA - for all undeclared students
  2. College of the Arts
  3. College of Business Administration
  4. College of Education
  5. College of Engineering
  6. College of Health and Human Services
  7. College of Liberal Arts
  8. College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

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