Native plant identification key for the
Palos Verdes Peninsula, California


Plants with a climbing or trailing habit, often with twining tendrils to help them clasp other plants or objects. Vines can be woody: These are sometimes called lianas. They can also be herbaceous, even annual.

First placed on web: 08/01/11
Last revised: 08/16/11
Christine M. Rodrigue, Ph.D., Department of Geography, California State University, Long Beach, CA 90840-1101

The development of this key was partially funded through the Geoscience Diversity Enhancement Program (Award #0703798) and through a course of re-assigned time provided by the CSULB Scholarly and Creative Activities Committee. Thanks also to the students in sections of biogeography, introductory physical geography, GDEP, and LSAMP for "test-driving" various editions of this key.