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Anne D'Zmura

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Donna Thomas

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Lorenzo Gutiérrez-Jarquin
Adriane Howze

Susan Bloom
Kent Hayward
Ben Huff
Adam Moore
Helen Hood Scheer
David Waldman

Lecturers: Media Production
Fletcher Beasley
Dennis Burke
Neil Corbin
Peter Kolstad
Rafael Nieto
Kevin O'Brien
Ricardo Silva
Matthew Steidl
Jack Tucker

Lecturers: Screenwriting
Bonnie Blackburn
Morgan Land
W. Reed Moran

Lecturers: Critical Studies
Rowena Aquino
Jason Gendler
David O'Grady
Sudeep Sharma
Larry Smith
Phil Wagner

Technical Staff
Christopher Maldonado
Robert Rhyu

Matthew Steidl

Matthew Steidl
Office Hours:  By appointment

Matthew Steidl is a visual effects artist and animator who has worked in many areas of entertainment, ranging from film to tv to video games. After graduating from USC's Hench Division of Animation and Digital Arts in 2012, he got his start in visual effects as a camera layout artist at Rhythm & Hues Studios in El Segundo. Afterwards he performed several short stints in commercials before going on to teach 3d animation in Florence, Italy for a semester. Upon his return to Los Angeles, he began a long run in television visual effects for Encore Hollywood. In the last several years he has worn many hats, ranging from character rigging and crowd animation, to show coordinating and on set visual effects supervision. He currently works as a digital compositor for shows including DC Comics' The Flash, Titans, and Supergirl, as well as CBS' Seal Team and Crazy Ex Girlfriend. He also does small projects on the side of various forms, including indy VR games. Before his professional career, he interned at Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc. in Japan, and as a lover of language can talk animation in Japanese, Italian, or French.