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Fletcher Beasley
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Peter Kolstad
Rafael Nieto
Kevin O'Brien
Ricardo Silva
Matthew Steidl
Jack Tucker

Lecturers: Screenwriting
Bonnie Blackburn
Morgan Land
W. Reed Moran

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Rowena Aquino
Jason Gendler
David O'Grady
Sudeep Sharma
Larry Smith
Phil Wagner

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Christopher Maldonado
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Dennis Burke

Dennis Burke
Office:FA1 201A
Office Hours:  By appointment

Dennis is an internationally recognized, multi award-winning composer and sound designer for film and television. With over 100 titles to his credit, his work can be seen regularly on television, film festivals, commercial theatres, and galleries throughout the world. Dennis has been a professional musician for the last 30 years, performing throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Dennis' research interests center on acoustic communication, psychoacoustics, and the dynamic relationships of sound with the moving image.

Dennis Burke has been an Associate Professor in Media Arts at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada since 1987 and has served for four years as Associate Dean of Curriculum, Degree Programs. Among his many activities at ECU Dennis has developed a multi faceted sound program that consists of series of courses that investigate the creative possibilities of sound in Design, Media, and Visual Art practice. Dennis is also Adjunct faculty in the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Chapman University.