Agenda Detailed Track Sessions
Sunday, August 13th
Time Session Title Room

Intelligent Agent Technology and Applications: session 2
Session Chair: Kausahl Chari

Internet-based Multiagent Architecture
Jess H. K. Yuen: City University of Hong Kong
Felix S. K. Leung:
City University of Hong Kong
Huaiqing Wang:
City University of Hong Kong
Stephen S. Y. Liao:
City University of Hong Kong

Software Agents for Automated Transaction Negotiations: Implementation and Evaluation
Kaushal Chari: University of South Florida
Paul J. Hu:
University of South Florida

A Multi-Agent Framework for Web Based Information Retrieval and Filtering
Hamid Nemat: Univerisity of North Carolina at Greensboro
Marc Boumedine Montaner:
Minghe Sun:
University of Texas San Antonio

Intelligent Agent-Based Data Mining in Electronic Markets
Merrill Warkentin: Northeastern University
Ravi Bapna:
Northeastern University


Tools and Model for Group Decision and Collaboration: session 2
Session Chair: Achita (Mi) Muthitacharoen

Tools and Models for Group Collaboration
Reza Barkhi: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Dominance Controlled using GSS
Leonie Thomas: University of Tasmania, Australia
Tim Freeman:
University of Tasmania, Australia

Idea Generation Decision Tools: A Comparative Study
Esther E. Klein: College of Staten Island

Long-Term Effects of Group Decision Support Systems on Group Commitment: A Theoretical Model
Achita (Mi) Muthitacharoen: University of Memphis
Toru Sakaguchi:
Northern Kentucky University



Philosophical Foundations of Information Systems: session 6
Session Chair: Paul Wernick

Is Development
Paul Wenick

Ontological Foundations of Data Modelling in Information Systems
Simon Milton: The University of Melbourne
Ed Kazmierczak:
The University of Melbourne
Leonie Thomas:
The University of Tasmania

Inquiring Organizations and Tacit Knowing
John D. Haynes: UCOL: Palmerston North, New Zealand

A Dialectical Basis for Software Development Tool Building
P Wernick: University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, England
B Christianson:
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, England
MJ Loomes:
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, England
DW Shearer:
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, England


E-Business - New Paradigms for Strategic Planning: session 4
Session Chair: Richard V. McCarthy

SPECS: A New Approach to the Strategic Planning for E-Commerce Systems
Ray Hackney: Manchester Metropolitan University
Janice Burn:
Edith Cowan University
Gurpreet Dhillon:
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Critical Success Factors for Developing an e-Business Strategy
Dennis W. Viehland: Massey University

Competing in the Virtual World: E-commerce Factors that affect teh Property-Casualty Insurance Industry
Richard V. McCarthy: Central Connecticut State University
Jay E. Aronson:
University of Georgia

Information Systems as Buzz
E. Burton Swanson: The Anderson School at UCLA

Palos Verde

Electronic Commerce and Online Auction: session 2
Session Chair: Paul A. Pavlou

Multiple Criteria Combinatorial Auction: A B2B Allocation Mechanism for Substitute Goods
Joni L. Jones: University of Florida
Gary J. Koehler:
University of Florida

Bidding Behavior in Virtual versus ""Live"" Auctions: An Examination of the eBay Collectibles Market
Sidne G. Ward: University of Missouri-Kansas City
John M. Clark:
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Does Online Reputation Matter? An Empirical Investigation of Reputation and Trust in Online Auction Markets
Paul A. Pavlou: University of Southern California
Sulin Ba:
University of Southern California


Informing Science: session 1
Session Chair: Mike Godfrey

The Informing Science Framework: An assessment and implications for the discipline of Information Systems
Arpan Y. Jani: University of Minnesota

Failure to Inform: Errors in Informing Systems
Eli B. Cohen: The Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management

A guide to the transdiscipline Informing Science for the perplexedand multiplexed
Eli B. Cohen:
The Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management


Adoption and Diffusion of Electronic Commerce : session 2
Session Chair: Daniel B. Tomiuk

Why Australian car retailers do not adopt E-commerce technologies
Jeanette K Van Akkeren: University of the Sunshine Coast
Angele L.M. Cavaye:
Southern Cross University

An Empirical Study of the Adoption and Diffusion of Electronic Commerce in the Car Industry in Western Australia
Peter Marshall: Edith Cowan University
Roger Sor:
Edith Cowan University
Judy McKay:
Edith Cowan University

Electronic Banking and Customer Loyalty: A Conceptual Assessment
Daniel B. Tomiuk: McGill University, Canada
Alain Pinsonneault:
McGill University, Canada


Advanced Information Technology Application in Enterprise Resource Planning : session2
Session Chair: ERP Best Paper Session

Vertical Integration of Business News from the Internet within the Scope of SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SAP SEM)™
Marco Meier: University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Alexander Fülleborn:
Development SEM Business Information Collection
Peter Mertens:
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

An International Analysis of the Maturity of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Use
Christopher P. Holland: Manchester Business School
Ben Light:
Information Systems Institute, University of Salford
Peter Beck:
Manchester Business School
Yoel Berdugo:
Manchester Business School
Rob Millar:
Manchester Business School
Nigel Press:
Manchester Business School
Mihas Setlavad:
Manchester Business School

A Model for Enterprise Systems Implementation: Top Management Influences On Implementation Effectiveness
Linying Dong, The University of Western Ontario






Emerging Learning Technologies, Pedagogies, and Marketplace Issues: session 2
Session Chair: C. Romm

Reuse of Web-Based Teaching Materials in IS Courses
Ralph D. Westfall: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Critical Success Factors For Distance Learning
Raymond Papp: Quinnipiac University

On-line Education: A Radical Approach
C. Romm: Central Queensland University,Rockhampton, Australia
W. Taylor:
Central Queensland University, Rockhampton, Australia



Intelligent Agent Technology and Applications: session 3
Session Chair: Somkiat Kitjongthawonkul

A Knowledge-Based Agent Modeling and Design Environment
Vijayan Sugumaran: Oakland University, Rochester
Sooyong Park:
Soganga University, Korea

Improving Clinical Care with MIDGI-A
Steven Walczak: University of Colorado

Task-Based Ontology for Information Systems
Somkiat Kitjongthawonkul: La Trobe University, Australia
Rajiv Khosla:
La Trobe University, Australia


Tools and Model for Group Decision and Collaboration: session 3
Session Chair: Souren Paul

Communication in a Wired World: Understanding Receiver Perceptions
Susan A. Brown: Indiana University
Ying Tran:
Eli Lilly Corporation

A Comparison of Relationship Development Activities on Group Interactions
Peggy M. Beranek: Bentley College
Ben Martz:
California State University, Chico

Leadership in Virtual Teams: An Exploratory Study
Craig K. Tyran: Oregon State University
Morgan Shepherd:
University of Colorado
Kristi M. Lewis:
California School of Professional Psychology

A Macro-level Framework for Organizational Memory Support in Negotiation Support Systems
Souren Paul:
University of Carbondale


Software Reuse in Information Systems: session 1
Session Chair: Marcus Rothenberger

DARE-Web: Domain Analysis in a Web Environment
Omar Alonso: Oracle Corp
William Frakes:
Software Engineering Guild

Examination of Software Reuse in Information Systems Projects
Srinarayan Sharma: Oakland University
Vijayan Sugumaran:
Oakland University

Software Reuse: What really works
Karma Sherif: Temple University
Ajay Vinze:
Arizona State University

Software Reuse In Information Systems Development
Marcus A. Rothenberger: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Uday R. Kulkrni:
Arizona State University

An Empirical Investigation of Build-or-Buy Decisions in Software Development
Dahui Li: Texas Tech University
Glenn J. Browne:
Texas Tech University



Philosophical Foundations of Information Systems: session 7
Session Chair: Judith Carlisle

Petry, Action Research and Ethics
Judith Carlisle: Texas A&M University

Comments on Kurzweil’s Cybernetic Poet
Judith P. Carlisle: Texas A&M University

Improving IS Action-Research with Project Management
Christian A. Estay-Niculcar: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Joan A. Pastor-Collado:
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Is the Answer to Internet Addiction Internet Interdiction?
William H. Friedman: University of Central Arkansas


Informing Science: session 2
Session Chair: Mike Godfrey

Demographics, Experience, and Perceptions of Information Quality on the World Wide Web
Barbara D. Klein: University of Michigan-Dearborn

Investigating Computer Self-Efficacy with Students in COBOL Programming
Michael A. Chilton: SW Missouri State University
Cynthia K. Riemenschneider:
University of Arkansas

Global Digital Libraries: A Historical Perspective and Architectural Considerations
Mahesh S. Raisinghani: University of Dallas
Robert Scott Dupree:
University of Dallas


Adoption and Diffusion of Electronic Commerce : session 3
Session Chair: Andrew Storey

Trust, Expertise, and E-Commerce Intermediary Adoption
Alina M. Chircu: University of Minnesota
Gordon B. Davis:
University of Minnesota
Robert J. Kauffman:
University of Minnesota

Electronic commerce within organizations: lessons from two cases
Robert D Galliers: London School of Economics
Sue Newell:
Nottingham Trent University

An Evaluation of UK and USA Online Banking and Web Sites
Andrew Storey: University of Sunderland, United Kingdom
J Barrie Thompson:
University of Sunderland, United Kingdom
Albert Bokma:
University of Sunderland, United Kingdom
Jill Bradnum:
University of Sunderland, United Kingdom

Adoption and Diffusion of Electronic Commerce: the state of the art
Matthew K.O. Lee: City University of Hong Kong
Choon Ling Sia: City University of Hong Kong
Efraim Turban: City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  Panel (PL05): ERP Discussion and Debate
Arik Ragowsky: Wayne State University
Ed Watson: Louisiana State University
Peter Loos: Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany






Emerging Learning Technologies, Pedagogies, and Marketplace Issues: session 3
Session Chair: David S. Taylor

Lessons Learned from Remote Collaboration on Student Projects
Rosemary H. Wild: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

The Limits Of Information: Measuring Differences Between Local and Distance Group Attitudes Toward Distance Learning
David W. Miller: Mississippi State University
L. Kent Marett:
Mississippi State University
Wm. David Salisbury:
Ohio University
Rodney A. Pearson:
Mississippi State University

Normative Perception of the Role of IS within the Organization: An Empirical Test of Measuring Student Learning
David S. Taylor: University of Houston
Tim Goles:
University of Houston
Wynne W. Chin:
University of Houston