Detailed Mini Track List

OT03 - Business Models for the Digital Economy
Mini Track Chair:

Hans-Dieter Zimmermann
MCM Institute, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
FM1 Session 1 Room

Session Chair: Zimmerman

Engendering Trust in Internet Businesses using Elements of Corporate Branding
Sabine Einwiller: University of St. Gallen
Ulrike Geissler:
University of St. Gallen
Markus Will:
University of St. Gallen

Pricing for Digitized Information Goods: The Case of Austrian Online Newspaper
Roman Brandtweiner: Vienna University of Economics

Understanding the Digital Economy: Challenges for new Business Models
Hans-Dieter Zimmermann:
University of St. Gallen

Palos Verdes

FM2 Session 2 Room

Session Chair: Senn

eClusters and the Role of Intermediaries in enabling Digital Enterprise Communities of SMEs.
Nigel J. Lockett: Lancaster University
David H. Brown:
Lancaster University

Broker Models For Mass Customization Based Electronic Commerce
Ralf Reichwald: Technische Universitat Muchen
Frank T. Piller:
Technische Universitat Muchen
Kathrin Möslein:
Technische Universitat Muchen
Christoph Lohse:
Technische Universitat Muchen

Creating Competitive Advantage Through Telemedicine-based Value Webs
Christian Heine: Technical University of Ilmenau
Stefan Kirn:
Technical University of Ilmenau

The Impact of the Internet Tax Freedom Act on State Revenues
James A. Senn: Georgia State University


Palos Verdes

FA1 Session 3 Room

Session Chair: Zwick

Detlev Zwick: University of Rhode Island
Nikhilesh Dholakia:
University of Rhode Island

Behavioral Assumptions Underlying Business Models Of Retail E-Commerce Ventures
Nikhilesh Dholakia: University of Rhode Island
Ruby Roy Dholaki:
University of Rhode Island
Kuan-Pin Chiang:
University of Rhode Island

An Object-Oriented Model for Successful Online Retail Operations in China
Jing Zhao: China University of Geosciences

Determining Optimal Decisions for Investing in Connection Quality and Pricing Internet Services: An Economic Model of Duopoly Competition Between Internet Service Providers
Taeha Kim: The University of Arizona
Matt E. Thatcher:
The University of Arizona



FA2 Session 4 Room

Session Chair: Zimmerman

Development of business models for WAP services
Els A.M. van de Kar: Technical University of Delft

Business Model Design and Implementation for eServices
Roland Klueber: University of St. Gallen

A Model of Competition Between Online and Traditional Firms
Sivakumar Viswanathan: New York University

Rethinking the Basis of Diversification in the Digital Economy
Huseyin Tanriverdi: Boston University