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Production Opportunities for Undergraduates


The CSULB Theatre Arts Department holds mainstage auditions twice a year. Auditions run over the course of three days during finals week each semester. Those who are auditioning will sign up for a specific time slot to audition with their 1-one minute monologue in front of the upcoming semester’s directors. Mainstage rehearsals run for 5 weeks. Then depending on the performance venue, tech rehearsals run for 1-2 weeks followed by 2-3 weeks of performances.

Theatre Threshold also offers many opportunities in Performance as well. Check out our website here to find out how to get involved.

Stage Management

Undergraduate students who have successfully completed THEA 271 Stage Management along with their corresponding lab assignment have the opportunity to work on a Theatre Arts Mainstage production. Students who are interested in working as a Mainstage Stage Manager must first work as an Assistant Stage Manager. Here is where you will learn how the CSULB Theatre Arts Department operates as well as train under a veteran Stage Manager. You will also have the opportunity to shadow them during the tech process as well as call several performances under the Stage Manager’s supervision. From here, students are able to meet with the Production Manager to discuss a Stage Manager position for an upcoming semester.

Our undergraduate Stage Managers practice a professional model in the running of all rehearsals, maintaining all production paperwork, constant communication with the design team, CSULB production staff and student crews, as well as stressing safety for both our students and patrons. Our Mainstage productions have both Theatre faculty directors and outside professional guest directors. This allows our Stage Managers to work with a variety of directing styles as well as create networking relationships for post-graduation.

For more information about Stage Management, please contact our Department Production Manager, Ashley Boehne-Ehlers.

Theatre Threshold also offers many opportunities in Stage Management as well. Check out our website here to find out how to get involved.


To inquire about main stage design opportunities please contact the appropriate faculty member:

  • for Scenic or Props opportunities, please contact our Head of Scenic, Danila Korogodsky
  • for Lighting opportunities, please contact our Head of Lighting, David Jacques
  • for Sound opportunities, please contact our Master Electrician, Stephanie Losleben
  • for Costume opportunities, please contact our Head of Costume, Nancy Jo Smith
  • for Makeup opportunities, please contact Gayle Baizer

Theatre Threshold also offers many opportunities in Design as well. Check out our website here to find out how to get involved.


Most of our running crew positions and our hang and focus crew positions are assigned as practicum for entry level tech classes. For more information, visit Backstage at the Beach. However, there are some running crew and production opportunities that students wishing to get more experience can take advantage of.

  • to learn more about being a Carpenter, Painter, or Prop Shop Coordinator, please contact our Technical Director, Robert Waltz.

  • to learn more about being a Board Programmer, Spot Light Operator, or to gain more experience as an Electrician, please contact our Master Electrician, Stephanie Losleben.

  • to learn more about being a Stitcher, and other Costume Shop opportunities, please contact our Costume Shop Manager, Michael Pacciorini.

Theatre Threshold also offers backstage opportunities for board ops and some running crew. Check out our website here to find out how to get involved.


There are numerous course and production opportunities within our program for students who are interested in deepening their directing training. After taking the Fundamentals of Directing course, eligible students are encouraged by invitation to take the Intermediate Directing class. This class is in collaboration with Rehearsal and Performance acting class and the Advanced Playwriting class. The work in these classes culminates in a new play festival presented at the end of the semester as a part of the Theatre Threshold spring season for Showcase class.

Advanced Specialist Directing Opportunities

Students may also choose after taking the intermediate directing course, to work with the directing faculty members on specialized individual study through advanced coursework. These special studies opportunities are geared towards the serious student of directing who would like to pursue a professional career as a director and/or artistic director and/or potentially earn their MFA in directing. These individualized courses are specifically tailored for each student in order to hone advanced theoretical and practical directing skills and learn more about the profession.

Assistant Directing

Students interested in directing are also encouraged to pursue University Players and Cal Rep assistant directing positions. These positions afford the student the opportunity to work with experienced professional directors to deepen and expand their understanding of the overall directing process within a fully produced production.

To inquire about directing opportunities on the mainstage or for special projects, please contact our Head of Directing, Anne D’Zmura.

Directing Internships

Students interested in directing have participated in directing internships at a variety of theatres including South Coast Repertory Theatre, International City Theatre, Garage Theatre, The Elephant Theatre, Four Clowns and many others. These internships are arranged for the serious student of directing and offer a wonderful opportunity to work at a range of professional theatre companies with a variety of professional directors.

Theatre Threshold Directing Opportunities

Theatre Threshold (TT) is our student-run production company, which offers student-produced work every week of each semester as part of Showcase class. TT is an exciting opportunity for student directors to propose and direct projects of their choosing to work in collaboration with their acting, design, and management peers. Members of the directing faculty mentor the student directors through this process to ensure their learning takes place in a supportive and nurturing environment where creative risks can be taken and progress is analyzed and discussed. These productions are presented to our students, faculty, staff and community members.

Theatre Threshold offers advanced directing students the opportunity to be considered as the Artistic Director or Associate Artistic Director of this company. These year-long positions afford the student the opportunity to work within a professionally styled company structure to advance their artistic director skills including season selection, facilitation of casting and developing design teams, collaborating with other members of the company and previewing productions and providing feedback for their directing colleagues.

See the Theatre Threshold website to learn more about getting involved.

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