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Production Opportunities for Graduate Students

Mainstage Opportunities

Graduate Acting Candidates will audition in front of each mainstage semester’s directors to determine which role they will have for the upcoming season. Performance Faculty will help determine this casting as well.

Graduate Design Candidates are assigned to mainstage productions by each area’s department head.

Graduate Managers are assigned annual company jobs to fulfill as part of the management team. They will each also serve as Company Manager and Content Producer one production a year. For more information regarding these jobs and assignments, please contact the Managing Director, Megan Kline-Crockett.

Theatre Threshold

All Graduate students are also welcome to propose to direct, act in, or design for Theatre Threshold.

Theatre Threshold is our student produced theatre company offering opportunities in all areas of theater.

For more information about the company, visit the Theatre Threshold website.

More information is available on how to get involved in a specific position as well.