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Facilities Information

Performance Spaces

The CSULB Theatre Arts Department has three mainstage performance spaces within the Theatre Arts Building: the University Theatre, the Studio Theatre and the Players Theatre. The Department also has a fourth showcase venue, Studio 24/26, where its student run company produces. These venues provide a wide range of design opportunities for both our MFA and undergraduate designers.

The Players Theatre

The Players Theatre is the department’s “black box” space. Thrust capacity is at 107 while arena is 120.

Floor Plan

The Studio Theatre

The Studio Theatre is a medium sized configurable venue and can be set up in arena (230), proscenium (225) and thrust (170) configurations, depending on the need of the shows. This space has a small half-fly house over its most upstage area.

Floor Plan

The University Theatre

The University Theatre is our largest venue and is a standard proscenium space seating about 350 patrons. The venue has a full-fly house and a large orchestra pit which is usually covered to extend the apron closer to the audience.

Floor Plan

Studio 24/26

Studio 24/26 is a movement studio that has been converted into a black box performance space. It has a set of tracked curtains to help shape the space, and a dead hug grid for theatrical lighting instruments.

Floor Plan

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Rehearsal Spaces

The department also maintains three rehearsal spaces: Room 37, Room 38, and Room 241.

Room 37

Room 37 is a small basement rehearsal room that can be used for small groups of people. This room has no tech support nor a sprung floor.

Room 38

Room 38 is adjacent to Room 37 but is slightly larger and can accommodate more people. This room has no tech support nor a sprung floor.

Room 241

Room 241 is the largest rehearsal space we have and is a movement or dance studio. It has a built in auxiliary music player which can be checked out as part of a rental.

Floor Plan

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Design Facilities and Shops

Our design and technical support facilities add an exciting level of professionalism to the educational process in our department. We have large scene and costume shops, and several design studios.

The Scene Shop has over 5,100 square feet of working space with 30' ceilings in the main construction area. It also houses a metal shop and props storage. This shop is equipped with the professional woodworking, construction, and metalworking tools needed for the high volume of programming we produce. The shop also includes a 160-square-foot paint area. Counterspace for paint mixing, a paint sink, and storage for paint and related tools are located here. Adjacent to the paint area is a motorized paint frame measuring 40' wide x 24' tall.

The Costume Shop is a 2,000-square-foot, multi-room facility located in the basement level of the building, and features an entire wall of windows, allowing for plenty of natural light. The shop contains 7 industrial sewing machines, 4 over-lock / serger machines, and 15 home machines, and 2 industrial irons. Additionally, the shop contains 3 industrial irons located in 2 ironing areas. Cutting areas include one 20’ x 4’ main cutting table along with one 4’ x 6’ and two 4’ x 8’ cutting tables. The main room features built-in cabinet and drawer storage for jewelry, trim and craft/findings. Adjacent to the costume shop is a 16’ tall, 936-square-foot costume storage area. Double-hanging wardrobe storage areas in the center of the room are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling box and shoe storage. A separate dye room facilities located in the adjacent building include a newly renovated, stainless workspace, and an additional room housing 3 washers, a stainless dye steamer and dying machine.

The Costume Design Studio is a separate classroom space for all costume design classes with built in additional storage cabinets for student storage and project supplies.

The Design Lab is used as a technical and design classroom. This room is equipped with drafting tables and has a work counter, sink, and compressed air outlets at the back of the room to provide facilities for the construction of scenery models.

The Computer Lab is solely for design classes and is equipped with 15 personal computers, with advanced video graphics and 24” flat-screen monitors. All computers in the lab are equipped with the complete Microsoft Office Suite, AutoCAD 2015, Vectorworks 2014 Spotlight, ESP Vision, WYSIWYG, Adobe Creative Suite, as well as a high speed internet connection.. A monochrome laser printer and a large, E-size plotter are available. The lab offers a chance for designers to create designs using drafting and rendering, as well as virtualization in lighting programming with both the Whole Hog and Grand MA consoles using ESP Vision. One 27” iMac is maintained for audio and video editing and programming. Programs on the Mac include Final Cut Pro, Qlab and Adobe Suite.

The Design Studio is used as a classroom for scenic design and as the scenic design studio. The room provides a workspace for each graduate scenic designer, and is equipped to allow for the construction of scenic design models.

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Space Rentals

The CSULB Theatre Arts Department does rent out performance venues and rehearsal space to student organizations, independent student projects, and community groups. However, the busy schedule maintained by the department can make availability very limited.

All rental requests are sent via email, and specific contacts are listed at the bottom. Below is a template of our preferred email request. Please answer all questions that are relevant to your event. ("I don’t know yet," can be a valid answer.)

Please start by listing your:

  • NAME
  • PHONE #

If you are a student group, or are a student doing an independent project please list your:

  • PHONE #



Please briefly describe your rental:
(What is the event? How large is the expected attendance?)

Will you be requiring rehearsal and/or performance spaces? If so, for what dates/times?
(Are there any specific spaces you want to use? How many different spaces will you need? Will you need different spaces on different days?)

What technical needs will you require in your requested spaces?

  • Rehearsal / Lecture Technical Needs:

    • Will you need chairs and tables? Will you need audio playback? Will you need projection capabilities? Will you need any rehearsal blocks/furniture? Will you need a podium? Do you need a piano or keyboard?

  • Performance Technical Needs:

    • Scenic - What configuration is your performance in (proscenium, thrust, arena)? Do you need any curtains or soft goods? Are you planning to fly any scenery? Will you be bringing a set in on trucks and require a loading dock? Any other scenic needs?

    • Lighting - Will you need to use the department's lighting equipment? Will you need to use any spotlights? Will there be any haze of fog? Do you have your own board op/programmer or do you need one provided? Any other lighting needs?

    • Sound - Will you need any headsets? If so, how many and where? Will you need to borrow microphones or stands? If so, how many? Will you be live mixing from the house or do you only need audio playback? Do you have your own audio engineer/mixer or do you need one provided? Any other sound needs?

    • Wardrobe - Will you need dressing rooms? Will you need costume racks or are you providing your own? Any other wardrobe needs?

    • Media - Will you be needing any projection or video related needs?

    • Music - Will you be having any musicians? Will you need any music stands or chairs for them? Will you need a piano or a keyboard? If you are using a piano will you be using it as is, hiring a tuner to come in, or paying us to get it tuned for you?

    • Front of House - What are your box office needs? Do you need to rent any extra tables?

If possible, please attach a rough ground plan of your event.
PDFs of our ground plans are available above. (A hand sketch is fine if you can’t do scale drawings)

To inquire about renting the University Theater, please contact the COTA Facilities Coordinator Colleen Ryan.

To inquire about renting any of our other performance or rehearsal spaces, please contact the Theatre Arts Production Manager Ashley Boehne-Ehlers.