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Mission Statement of the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music

To educate and inspire exceptional students for successful careers as artists, teachers, and scholars through practical global experiences in a vibrant performance-oriented setting.

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  1. Ensure artistic and academic excellence.
  2. Attract and inspire exceptional students.
  3. Advance global experiences.
  4. Provide a dynamic academic and performance environment.
  5. Engage in community outreach and fundraising.

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1. Ensure Artistic and Academic Excellence

  1. Provide academic instruction to prepare students for successful careers as artists, educators, composers, and scholars.
  2. Prepare students for advanced study.
  3. Maintain and strengthen our graduate program.
  4. Foster intellectual and musical expression through research, creative, and scholarly activity.
  5. Mentor students in performance, teaching, research, and writing.
  6. Continually develop, review, and revise curricular offerings.
  7. Maintain curricular currency in educational technology.
  8. Offer an abundance of performance opportunities in Major Performing Organizations, chamber music, and other opportunities.
  9. Develop music educators who utilize appropriate pedagogical educational practices.
  10. Support attendance and participation in performance and research at state, national, and international conferences.
  11. Invite guest artists, composers, scholars, and educators to campus.
  12. Provide guidance and timely feedback during the entire process of writing a project report or thesis.
  13. Provide the foundations required to use basic music technology.
  14. Empower students to envision and pursue their own careers.
  15. Provide the foundations required to succeed in the business of music.
  16. Conduct exit interviews and assess overall conservatory excellence.

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2. Attract and inspire exceptional students

  1. Identify, contact and engage students who demonstrate determination, curiosity, and a strong work ethic.
  2. Offer competitive scholarships.
  3. Assess recruitment activities annually.
  4. Produce appropriate and sufficient recruitment materials for print and digital delivery.
  5. Ensure that the audition day experience is informative and professional for prospective students and their families.
  6. Track follow-up contact and admission responses by frequent contact between music office and area directors.
  7. Attend California All State Music Education Conference and other conferences as appropriate.
  8. Strengthen the Bob Cole Honor’s Festival for high school students.
  9. Maintain a current web presence and engagement through social media.
  10. Invite potential students and their families to performances.

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3. Advance Global experiences

  1. Fund Major Performing Organizations and other ensembles to provide experience with diverse musics.
  2. Fund Major Performing Organizations to provide outreach and travel experience in the state, nationally, and internationally.
  3. Seek culturally and professionally diverse performance and academic experiences.
  4. Offer courses that explore global performance practices.
  5. Fund student application fees and travel expenses for advanced study and professional development events.

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4. Provide a Dynamic Academic and Performance Environment

  1. Foster a collegial community of students, faculty, and staff.
  2. Perform in an appropriate state-of-the-art concert venue.
  3. Maintain suitable state-of-the-art rehearsal, performance, and classroom facilities.
  4. Acquire and maintain professional equipment, music, resources, and instruments.
  5. Produce concerts and other musical events of the highest quality for CSULB and the greater community.
  6. Secure opportunities for students to perform, research, and teach alongside faculty.
  7. Provide an environment which encourages and supports faculty development through research, scholarly, and creative activity.
  8. Keep in contact with the conservatory and university communities through a weekly update of announcement and activities, and a weekly email listing performances, master classes, and lectures.
  9. Nurture an environment of acceptance and safe spaces for students, staff and faculty.

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5. Engage in community outreach and fundraising.

  1. Educate students campus wide to enrich their musical appreciation and understanding of music.
  2. Offer non-music majors at CSULB the opportunity to perform in an ensemble.
  3. Maintain and strengthen professional relationships with local school districts.
  4. Cultivate audiences for our performances.
  5. Build a cohort of professional alumni with whom new graduates can network.
  6. Encourage long-term alumni involvement.
  7. Track alumni employment and activities and assess how skills are transferred to multiple arts-related careers.
  8. Cultivate donors, patrons, and supporters of the conservatory.
  9. Support faculty and students to engage with the community.

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