The University Music Center offers an environment to compliment and magnify the artistic experience; be it that of the student, faculty artist, or community patron. The University Music Center is on 3.2 acres of park-like landscape and is comprised of twenty freestanding buildings containing all the necessary amenities. The complex includes:

  • The Carpenter Performing Arts Center—A 1200 seat theater with the latest in sound, lighting, video, and 70mm film equipment. The Department of Music has numerous concerts in the Carpenter Performing Arts Center throughout the year.
  • The Gerald R. Daniel Recital Hall—A 270-seat state-of-the-art performance theater with all the amenities for aesthetically pleasing musical presentations.
  • UMC-C205 Computer Lab—A 20 station computer/keyboard station laboratory loaded with all the latest music and educational software. Each station is equipped with full sized piano keyboards, full internet connectivity, and a computer graphics projection system.
  • Three major rehearsal halls (instrumental, choral, and jazz)—Acoustically tunable and equipped with the latest recording playback equipment.
  • A fully digital recording and mastering studio used for classes, recording university ensembles, and student projects.
  • The Gerald Strang Electronic Music Studio—A fully digital production facility equipped with the latest sequencing and sound design/editing hardware and software. Used for classes and student/faculty projects.
  • The Film Scoring Studio—A fully digital studio equipped with the latest industry standard equipment and software for film and television production. Available for classes and student/faculty projects.
  • Practice Rooms—61 sound-proof practice rooms open 24 hours a day—7 days a week—365 days a year. The rooms vary in size from individual to chamber group. Students are assigned a personal key for access.
  • The Music Resource Center—An extensive library of ensemble music and texts plus a listening and computer laboratory.
  • UMC-C100—A state-of-the-art digital lecture hall for music history, education, and literature courses. The hall also serves as an additional solo recital theater.
  • Extensive locker room and Instrument storage areas.
  • A 1,000-space always available parking lot next to the University Music Center.