Student Organizations

Composers Guild

The CSULB Composers Guild is a collection of undergraduate and graduate composers who meet regularly to discuss issues pertinent to composition, to collaborate on creative projects, and to organize performances of their music including off-campus concerts. The Guild provides practical experience to composers in all aspects of performance, production, and concert publicity under faculty supervision.

Saxophone Club

Saxophone Club is a group in which students meet to discuss saxophone technique and history. The goal of the organization is to provide avenues and opportunities for students to perform, receive feedback, listen to lectures, and participate in discussions. If you have any questions about membership please email

Music Teacher National Association (MTNA)

The CSULB Collegiate Chapter of the Music Teacher National Association (MTNA) advances the value and study of music-making to society and supports the professionalism of music teachers. The group provides a space and opportunity for members to foster professional connections through participation in state and national events as well as collaborations with students and professionals in the field of performing and independent teaching. Membership is open to all interested students. Contact