Music History

Advanced studies in music history are offered at the graduate (M.A.) level. In this degree, research methods using traditional and online resources, writing skills, and a broad general understanding of all of the historical periods are emphasized. The current faculty offers courses in specialized topics as well, including ethnomusicology, jazz, hip-hop, organology, music of Latin America, gender studies, popular music, and film music.

The graduate program in music history has been successful in producing students that have continued working towards a Ph.D. at highly regarded universities, including Harvard, University of Michigan, Case Western University, University of Texas at Austin, UCLA, and USC. Our graduates have frequently won Best Thesis awards from the College of the Arts, and many have been selected to present papers at local, regional, and national meetings of the AMS and SAM. At least one student has received a University Research Grant every year since the program was established. Teaching experience and other scholarship funds are awarded on a competitive basis.

The Music History area works closely with the performance and education faculty to insure that all students have a balanced education that provides the strongest possible foundation for all musical endeavors. Instructors that are knowledgeable, experienced, and devoted to teaching provide a wide variety of undergraduate music courses for both music majors and non-majors.

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