Stanford’s Khatib on Developing Robots for Hostile Environments

Robots for Hostile EnvironmentsThe idea to create an underwater robot came out of a conversation Stanford University computer science professor Oussama Khatib had with an underwater archeologist at a conference. Three years later, the university celebrated Ocean One’s first mission—diving 300 feet below the surface to recover items from a ship that sank off the coast of France in 1664.

Khatib, an expert in human-robot interaction, was at CSULB Friday to deliver a technical seminar on the New Robotics Age.

In the classroom, he said, students have taught robots to play ping pong, barbecue food, and fight. In the medical field, robot-aided surgery and robotic catheterization are being developed. And in the area of human augmentation, a number of different exoskeletons have been designed. Continue reading “Stanford’s Khatib on Developing Robots for Hostile Environments”

Stanford Professor to Discuss State of Robotics

Khatib headshotFaculty and students are invited to attend the CSULB College of Engineering’s  final technical seminar of the semester. On Friday, May 6 from noon to 1 p.m., renowned Stanford University robotics expert Oussama Khatib will discuss how the generations of robots now being developed will increasingly touch people and their lives.

Khatib’s talk, “The New Robotics Age: Meeting the Physical,” will take place in the Niggli Conference Room, ECS-312. He will discuss new developments in robotics in the context of the underwater robot, Ocean One (called O2), developed at Stanford in collaboration with Meka-Google Robotics and KAUST. Continue reading “Stanford Professor to Discuss State of Robotics”