STEM Leaders Discuss How They Entered Field

ElementsofChange_SaveTheDateThis month’s Elements of Change lecture explored how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics help improve our world. College of Engineering Dean Forouzan Golshani said science discovers the world, engineering changes the world, technology helps you carry it out, and mathematics keeps your grounded. But, he added, “In many cases, it’s engineering that drives science.”

For speakers at the event, a popular question was how they got into the STEM fields. Often, they said, it was at the suggestion of a family member. Continue reading “STEM Leaders Discuss How They Entered Field”

Engineering Honors Program Embarks on Fourth Year

What Mairead Argus appreciEngineering Honors Programates most about the Cal State Long Beach Engineering Honors Program is being in smaller-sized classes with like-minded people. “There’s a sense of community. You’re not just your student ID number,” she says.

Elena Desanto, a former valedictorian at Port of Los Angeles High School, enjoys the time for in-depth discussions with faculty. “If you have questions, you can ask them and faculty genuinely want to help you.” Continue reading “Engineering Honors Program Embarks on Fourth Year”