LUX NOVA Named as the 2015 Innovation Challenge Winner!!!

by Innovation Challenge

Lux Nova was announced as the winner of the 2015 Innovation Challenge at the April 9th Award Event. Lux Nova, along with the 3 other teams that made up the Final Four, had the opportunity to present their business plans to a distinguished panel of judges who selected the winner.

Innovation Challenge Winner
From top L-R Trevor Wagnor, German Leal, Miguel Vintimilla, Dean Forouzan Golshani, Adam Price, Paul Ferretti Seated Frank Martinez (team mentor), Innovation Challenge Advisory Team members Barbara Barcon, Mike Baghramian, COE Associate Professor Christiane Beyer and team member Michel William. Team members not shown are William Berubie, The-Bao Nguyen and Dickson Yuen.

Lux Nova – Led by Trevor Wagnor, and includes team members, William Berubie, Paul Ferretti, German Leal, The-Ban Nguyen, Adam Price, Miguel Vintimilla and Dickson Yuen, is a company that has an unique process that uses a 3D printer to produce bone-like structures.

AMoment – Led by Mai Huong Ngyuen, and includes team members Pathikrit Browmick, Angelica Diaz, Tuan Linh Vu and Lily Zhou, aMoment is a social gifting mobile application. It not only reminds the user of upcoming important dates, it also provides meaningful and desired gift recommendations.

Arbalist Creative – Led by David Chen, and includes team members Kevin Coss and Chris Webster, is a product development firm that is focused on designing products for licensing and equity stakes. They are currently addressing consumer product companies in the fitness accessory, home card and personal care market.

Rescue Rover – Led by Felicia Castillo, and includes team members Otto Marin and Jose Tapia, is a company that has created a new enhanced design for a canine wheelchair which has features currently not available in the marketplace. Their product has been designed to improve the comfort and mobility of the handicapped animal.