MAE Students Showcase their Fall Senior Design Engineering Projects

MAE design expo groups

CSULB Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering students showcased their Senior Design Engineering Projects at Thursday’s Exhibition in the Niggli Conference Center. The multidisciplinary projects were designed, developed, fabricated, and funded by CSULB and some local industries under the supervision of Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Mahdi  Yoozbashizadeh.

The projects included:

  • The Stairwave Generator, an overtopping device that uses incoming waves to convert water into usable energy.
  • A lower-cost underwater ROV capable of pipe inspections
  • An automated parking platform that uses robotic systems to retrieve a user’s vehicle from a drop off location, and transport the vehicle to a dense storage area.
  • A thermite-fueled power plant for space that uses the natural resources of Mars to generate green renewable energy for a Martian colony during global dust storms
  • A magnetic brake system for automobiles that reduces friction, wear, and cost of maintenance
  • A metal 3D printing process using a salt solution
  • A phone charger that harvests energy from a bicycle
  • Optimized overhead bins in aircraft
  • An electrical can crusher system
  • A multi-purpose collapsible skateboard
  • An energy harvesting system using a stove top
  • A system to extraction water from gas wells, and a
  • A hybrid solar and wind energy generator