New Flyer Posting Policy as College of Engineering Moves from Paper to Digital

Beginning in Spring 2019, the College of Engineering will be providing designated areas for the posting of flyers. The first area will be in the glass cabinets north of the ECS entrance. Other areas may be added depending upon demand.

If you would like to have a flyer posted to publicize an event, program, or announcement, please fill out this flyer post request and drop off copies of your flyer (a maximum of 12) in ECS-602 and your flyer will be posted within two business days. You can also submit electronic versions to for distribution on social media and BeachBoard and possible inclusion in the lobby display rotation.

This change in process is intended to reduce damage to building walls, windows, and other surfaces and improve the appearance of College of Engineering buildings. It is also a first step in moving toward the more sustainable practice of distributing information via electronic means.

Any flyers posted on windows and walls after the start of the Spring semester will be removed. This policy does not apply to bulletin boards managed by departments or cork boards and cabinets outside offices.