Biomed Alumni to Speak About Medical Technology Entrepreneurship

leo petrossianCSULB electrical engineering alumni Leo Petrossian will speak to biomedical engineering students on Monday, Sept. 24 about Entrepreneurship in Medical Technology. Petrossian is co-founder and CEO of Neural Analytics Inc., a medical robotics company developing and commercializing technologies to measure and track brain health.

Petrossian ’04 has raised over $42 million in venture financing and led development of two medical devices in five years, both of which have obtained CE mark and FDA clearance.

A nanotechnology expert with a passion for solving shared problems through innovative technology, Petrossian holds a B.S. from CSULB in electrical engineering with a biomedical engineering option, a M.S. and Ph.D. in biomolecular nanotechnology and solid-state device physics from Arizona State University, and an MBA from UCLA.

He was the first engineer at Nabsys, a DNA sequencing startup, and served as director of nanofabrication for four years where he oversaw device design, fabrication, testing, and outsourcing.

Petrossian’s experience and interest in nanotechnology startups led him to co-found Nanotech Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping nanotechnology startups overcome their unique prototyping challenges during the early stages of venture initiation. He served as the Chief Technology Officer.

Following a cross-campus collaboration at UCLA, where he was pursuing an MBA, he co- founded Neural Analytics Inc. In five years as CEO, he led development of the Lucid Robotic System, a robotic assisted ultrasound platform that was recently FDA cleared.

This technology integrates ultrasound, robotics and machine learning to assist clinicians to non- invasively monitor a patient’s brain blood flow characteristics and provide actionable information to diagnose a variety of neurological disorders.

Petrossian’s talk will take place on Monday, Sept. 24 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Niggli Conference Center (ECS-312).