MAE Department Celebrates Graduates’ Accomplishments

CSULB Mechanical and Aerospace students on Monday gathered with faculty and advisers for a celebration before their graduation. “This is a milestone,” said MAE Chair Jalal Torabzadeh. “It was not easy for some of you. The road was rough, but you have shown you can overcome challenges.”

Said Hilal, CEO of Applied Medical, who received the Distinguished Alumni Award, advised graduates to search for a sense of belonging and purpose. “You’re about to go onto the next chapter. But corporations may be thinking of you as the workforce, not the think force or the innovate force.”

Serena Quach, president of the AIAA chapter, was the recipient of the newly named Janet and Charles Hoult Outstanding Leadership and Outreach Award, in memory of the late Charley Hoult. It was presented by Hoult’s wife, Janet, who along with her late husband, mentored many CSULB students working in rocketry over the years.

The MAE Outstanding Graduate Dean’s List recognitions went to Niloufar Kiani (MSME) and Jose Benitez (MSAE). Elyssa Lawrence (BSME) received the College of Engineering Outstanding Graduate Award, Hope Daley (BSAE) the MAE Outstanding Baccalaureate Graduate Award, and Matthew Hoffman (BSAE) the MAE Outstanding Baccalaureate Graduate Award.

Daley was also the recipient of the University Honors Best Thesis Award, while William Dean Hovik received the MAE Outstanding Student Team Competition Award.

The Outstanding Student Team Competition went to Long Beach Rocketry in recognition of receiving 4th at the 2018 NASA National Student Launch Competition.

Buddy-Bot team members Jared Archery, Matthew Hoffman, LaLa Luu, and Nguyen Truong received the BSAE Senior Design Project Award.

For the BSME Senior Design Awards, the Locomotive Suspension System, designed by Austin Ralph, Alexander O’Donnell, Jared Malabed, and Jacob Bostrom won in the Most Innovative category. The Pico Hydroelectric Power Generation Turbine-In-Pipe System, designed by team members Cristina Azuara, Hope Daley, Elyssa Lawrence, and Daisy Zaragoza, won in the Sustainable and Clean Energy category. The People’s Choice winner was the Skateboard Generator, designed by Brendan Heffern, Cayden Ziemke, Mathew Cecil, Michael Vezzuto, and Nick Dezember.