Paid Internships Available through Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship

If you’re pursuing a career in commercial space exploration, you might want to consider the Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship program.

The highly selective Fellowship will place students at top companies for paid summer internships for 10-12 weeks in 2018 and provide them an executive mentor to help throughout the year.

The program includes a premier lists of companies and mentors committed to the fellowship, including the Aerospace Corp., Accion Systems, Astrans, Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin Ventures, LTA, Millennium Space Systems, Nanoracks, OneWeb Satellites, Planet, Planetary Resources, SpaceX, Stratolaunch Systems, Virgin Orbit, and the XPrize.

The program will hold a two-day summit in July 2018 to bring student fellows together to get to know each other, develop career skills, and meet space industry leaders. The program is seeking students who have an engineering degree or are working towards one and are either a junior, senior, or graduate student.

Applications are due Nov. 29, with screening and interviews in December and January, selection on Jan. 31, and mentor pairing in February. To apply, visit

The fellowship is presented in partnership with the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, Future Space Leaders Foundation, and the Brooke Owens Fellowship.

The Fellowship was set up in memory of Matthew Isakowitz, the son of Aerospace Corp. CEO Steven Isakowitz and a passionate supporter of opening the commercial space frontier. Matthew graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University.  He also earned a Master’s Degree in International Science and Technology Policy from George Washington University. He served as Associate Director of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. At the time of his death, at age 29, he was an entrepreneur and engineer at Planetary Resources and Astranis.