AT&T Expands Its Internship Program

attInterested in moving to another state, meeting new friends, and gaining experience with the world’s largest communications company? Then perhaps you should apply for an AT&T internship.

The company hires 670 interns each summer through its 10-week paid internships, which are open to undergraduate students of all majors who are U.S. citizens or legal residents. Interns can be assigned to AT&T offices anywhere in the country. The company assists with short-term housing and arranging for roommates.

Emiliano Duenas, lead college recruiting manager, says students should view the internships as “10-week paid vacations.”

As with many internships, they can lead to full-time employment. “The ultimate goal is for you to like us and for us to like you,” said Duenas, who presented during a professional development workshop Tuesday. “If you get in and do well and get invited back, you have a future.”

AT&T likes to provide interns with as much exposure to the company as possible. For instance, one summer an intern may work in marketing and the next in finance or engineering.

Internship programs are available for software development, engineering and operations, and, most recently, cybersecurity. The newly launched cybersecurity program is based in El Segundo.

Getting hired as an intern is a three-step process, said Duenas. After submitting a resume, an internship candidate may be called in for an interview to gauge their personality, have a second interview with a would-be mentor, then be assigned to a position.

Duenas, has worked in nine different positions during his two decades with the company. said AT&T looks for interns who are outgoing and have strong communication skills.  Applicants should prepare to be interviewed via Facetime, Skype, or Interview Stream.

Although most well-known as a cellular provider, AT&T is expanding into video, automated homes, and connected cars. It’s a Fortune 10 company. “That’s pretty big,” said Duenas.

The 130-year-old company employs 280,000 worldwide; its network serves 365 million people. “We have tons of opportunities to build your career,” Duenas said. “We bring in the best people to work for our company.”

The company’s AT&T Foundry, with open space and offices in several cities, supports innovation. Duenas describes the Foundry as a place “where people take their ideas and make them come to life.”

AT&T is also committed to diversity and inclusion. Its CEO, Randall Stephenson, leads an Inclusion Council and women and people of color receive mentoring.