Engineering Honors Track Holds Open House for Students and Faculty

Honors Track More than 100 of the 750 students enrolled in the CSULB University Honors Program are studying in the College of Engineering. On Friday, the College held its annual Engineering Honors Track (EHT) open house to introduce students to faculty, administrators, and each other.

“You are here to be challenged and I hope we are delivering those challenges,” said Dean Forouzan Golshani. “Do the best you can and aim high and you will get there.”

The College of Engineering was the first at CSULB to establish an honors track. About nine students graduated from EHT last year. Predictions are for at least a dozen graduates this year and triple that next year.

Designed to offer academically successful and motivated students a chance to complete their studies in four years, the program requires a research report culminating in a thesis. It provides students a fast-track plan toward undergraduate degree completion, a structured experience that fosters advanced research skills, and prepares students for graduate-school or working in the profession.

Because it’s an accelerated program, students can learn by attending honors-sponsored events. When they graduate, they receive an honors certificate and transcript notations. And there’s plenty of support to ensure they succeed, in the form of honors events throughout the year, a designated EHT study area in the lobby of EN2-302D, peer mentoring office hours, and informal meet-and-greets between honor students and faculty.

“I think it’s been a really successful program,” said Tracy Maples, Associate Dean for Academic Programs.

Austin Carrell, a Civil Engineering major, credits the honors track with helping him land a Boeing internship. After working as an intern there for two semesters, Boeing recently offered him a full-time job after graduation.

“The Honors Program has a lot of good opportunities. You have a better learning environment, there are add-on projects that help you understand the material, and you work in pairs with other honors students,” said Carrell, who is also a President’s Scholar.

Deborah Thien, Interim Director of the University Honors Program, invited engineering honors students to attend upcoming events. “You’re part of this great community in this sea of 37,000 students. We have the highest expectations for you, but we know that the highest expectations are the ones you set for yourselves.”