A Big Chest Pound for ChE Grads

Chemical engineering may be the smallest department in the CSULB College of Engineering, but that wasn’t apparent by the turnout for Monday’s Department Graduation in ECS-105.

Chair Larry Jang compared graduates’ education to a chemical process involving reactors, catalysts, and purification. “Before, you were students. Now you’re an engineer. You’ve become a high-value product,” he said.

“Are you ready to graduate?” Dean Forouzan Golshani asked the audience, to resounding applause. “Are you ready to have them graduate?” he asked the faculty.

“It is a joy to celebrate your success. We know that each one of you had to overcome obstacles to get here,” the Dean said. “Now you need to look within you and find what compels you.”

The Chemical Engineering Department recognized three Distinguished Alumni: Aldo Aguilera of Chevron, Bill Sedlak of TetraTech, and Mike Torrez of Tesoro for their help in student competitions.

Eight students were recognized with awards, including:

  • Graduate Dean’s List: Chika Ihekire
  • Outstanding BS ChE Student: Kylie Couch
  • Professional Leadership Award: Vincent Delgado, Irene Diep
  • Student Competition Award: John Duong, Duy Do, Yong Lin, and
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Research: Lilly Cherngchaosil

The following students received certificates:

  • Student Competition: Ian Tachell, Gurpreet Mattu, Muhammad Siddiqui, Ridwan Maassarani,
  • Christopher Hiruntharakorn, Mairead Argus, Irene Diep, Angelic De La Rosa, Katherine Martinez, Xavier Martinez, and Eduardo Pardo
  • Student Research: Randy Rorres and Irene Diep
  • Student Projects: Ana Perez, Carlos Fernandez, Jose Da Silva, Lilly Cherngchaosil, Cherish Pich, and Haia Malabeh

“We have brought you to the other side of the river,” Jang said, comparing faculty to ferries.

The event was an opportunity for graduates to mingle with faculty and fellow graduates. Interim Associate Dean Tracy Maples said she still keeps in touch with college colleagues and faculty, even though it’s been decades since she graduated. She invited students to stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter, and the CSULB LinkedIn group. “Tell us all about the good things you’re doing,” she said.