MAE Grad Student Wins Mentor Protégé Award

The final Mentor Protégé program, a joint project between the MAE Department and Northrop Grumman Space Technology and KW Microwave, was held on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2005. MAE Graduate Student, Gabriela Acosta and Tran Phuong received awards from NGST for their exemplary performance on the project.

The following individuals were in attendance:

KW Microwave

Shukdev Tantod, President & CEO
Dhiru Tantod, VP Engineering
Shashi Patel, VP Operations
Dan Czagany, Director, Sales & Marketing
John Johnson, Program Manager
Dave Henry, Program Manager
Olivia Rodriguez, Sales & Marketing
Bob Osborne, IT


Ronald DePace, Mentor/ProtégéProject Manager
Ken Rotunno, Materials and Processes

Gabi Acosta, Graduate Student


Final Mentor Protégé Program