More Efficient Base Stations Needed to Handle Future Cellular Energy Demand

Ender Ayanoglu, keynote speaker at the IEEE Green Energy and Smart Systems Conference, with chair Henry Yeh.

Mobile device use is exploding. With the rise of the Internet of Things, today’s 5 billion connected devices could increase tenfold by 2020, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index.

Information and communication technologies are already responsible for up to 4 percent of the carbon footprint. That amounts to one-quarter of what vehicles produce and the equivalent of what air travel produces.

The mobile growth projections raise two questions, said University of California Irvine Professor Ender Ayanoglu, keynote speaker at the IEEE Green Energy and Smart Systems Conference at the Pointe Monday. Continue reading “More Efficient Base Stations Needed to Handle Future Cellular Energy Demand”

Beavers Endowed Chair Delivers Talk on Heavy Civil Construction Industry

William Wolfe

Beavers Endowed Chair in Heavy Civil Construction William Wolfe on Monday extolled the advantages of a career in heavy civil to a class of civil engineering and construction management students.

”Heavy civil is the infrastructure part. You’re got vertical and you’ve got horizontal. We’re talking about the horizontal,” he explained.

Heavy civil projects include bridges, dams, roads, tunnels and transportation and water systems. One advantage of that career path, he said, is that the projects are tangible and easy to explain. “When you talk about these big projects, you don’t need to explain yourself,” he said. Continue reading “Beavers Endowed Chair Delivers Talk on Heavy Civil Construction Industry”

Boeing Speaker Draws Standing-Room Only Audience

Boeing logoAs the world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing is almost always in hiring mode—especially when it comes to engineers. And not only does the company offer well-paid internships but also entry-level engineering positions with extensive mentoring and opportunities for further education.

“Engineers are the backbone of our business,” said Boeing Intern Coordinator A. J. Dale at Tuesday’s Speaker Series talk sponsored by the College of Engineering’s Office of Professional Development and Internships. “We want you to learn as much as you can.” Continue reading “Boeing Speaker Draws Standing-Room Only Audience”

Student Groups Show Off Projects

Heat and humidity didn’t stop Cal State Long Beach students and faculty from showing up for Engineering Welcome Day and hearing about student organizations’ latest projects. Sponsored by the Associated Engineering Student Body (AESB), the Sept. 10 event drew nearly 200 people and featured nearly two dozen tables.

Kayvon Bakhshandeh snap
SAE Advisor Mike Fritz and chapter Secretary Kayvon Bakhshandeh prepare to answer questions about the club. Photo by Varun Krishna

“There’s a lot of people here,” said AESB Treasurer Luis Gonzalez. “Welcome Day helps new freshmen coming in hear what the organizations are about. But it’s also useful for all the engineering students to get together.” Continue reading “Student Groups Show Off Projects”

Resume Packaging Workshop: Building Your Personal Brand

Resume snapCalifornia State University Long Beach is just one of several universities in the region producing quality engineering grads. That’s why a stellar and eye-catching resume package is so important for those seeking to stand out from the competition in landing an internship or job.

A concise cover letter and solid resume containing power words, a clear objective, and accomplishments with quantifiable outcomes can go far in separating yourself from the pack, said Director of Internship and Professional Development Emmitt Clark during the Engineering Student Success Center’s first professional development workshop of the fall semester. Continue reading “Resume Packaging Workshop: Building Your Personal Brand”

Engineering Honors Program Embarks on Fourth Year

What Mairead Argus appreciates most about the Cal State Long Beach Engineering Honors Program is being in smaller-sized classes with like-minded people. “There’s a sense of community. You’re not just your student ID number,” she says.

Elena Desanto, a former valedictorian at Port of Los Angeles High School, enjoys the time for in-depth discussions with faculty. “If you have questions, you can ask them and faculty genuinely want to help you.” Continue reading “Engineering Honors Program Embarks on Fourth Year”