Exercise: plant species

You are working on a database for a company that grows and sells plants. One important table contains a list of the plant species that they grow, which are identified botanically by their genus and specie name, family, and common name. Even if you have never heard of these terms, you can analyze the table by looking at the data given below:

Plant species
CentaureacinerariaAsteraceaeDusty Miller
CentaureagymnocarpaAsteraceaeDusty Miller
DracaenadracoAgavaceaeDragon Tree
EcheveriaelegansCrassulaceaeHen and Chicks
KalanchoebeharensisCrassulaceaeFelt Plant
KalanchoepinnataCrassulaceaeAir Plant
PseudosasajaponicaPoaceaeArrow Bamboo
SeneciocinerariaAsteraceaeDusty Miller
  1. Draw the relation scheme for this table as it is shown above. Identify the primary key and any functional dependencies. Follow the example Contacts relation scheme to denote the FDs.
  2. Apply the process to remove redundancy due to subkeys and draw the relation scheme that results from this process. Be sure that the result has the lossless join property.