Risto Moisio

Associate Professor, Marketing (MKTG)
Email: risto.moisio@csulb.edu
Campus Phone: 562.985.7089
Office: COB-351 (Hours)
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Associate professor of marketing specializing in consumer behavior. My research examines consumer behavior phenomena from the perspective of Consumer Culture Theory and has been published in some of the leading publications, including the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Culture, and Journal of Consumer Behavior.

Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Marketing Principles.

Consumer well-being; consumer self-presentation, gender; gift-giving.

  • PhD, University of Nebraska, 2006
    Major/Concentration: Marketing (Business Administration)
  • Master, University of Southern Denmark, 2001
    Major/Concentration: (Business Administration) Marketing
  • Bachelor, Satakunta Polytechnic, 1998
    Major/Concentration: (Business Administration) Marketing
  • "Processes of consumer socialization: study of single-father households", European Journal of Marketing , Jun-2021
  • "Processes of Consumer Socialization: Study of Single-Father Households", European Journal of Marketing , Apr-2021
  • "Capitalizing on the Spirit of Giving: Seeding Virtual Gift Purchases in Online Social Networks", European Journal of Marketing , Feb-2021
  • "Managing the aftermath: Scapegoating as crisis communication strategy", Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Feb-2021
  • "The Effect of Gift Giving Marketing on Purchase Decision", European Journal of Marketing , Dec-2020
  • "Mancaves and Masculinity", Journal of Consumer Culture, Jan-2016
  • "Cultivating Hope", Journal of Consumer Culture, Nov-2015
  • "What are you dieting for? The role of lay theories in dieters' goal setting", Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Jan-2014
  • "Is Planning an Aid or an Obstacle? Examining the Role of Consumers' Lay Theories in Weight Loss", Journal of Consumer Affairs , Dec-2013
  • "Productive Consumption in the Class-Mediated Construction of Domestic Masculinity", Journal of Consumer Research , Jan-2013
  • "'When Consumer Behavior Crosses the Maladaptive Line: The Role of Public Policy’", Marketing and Public Policy Conference , Jan-2021
  • "Future Trends and Perspectives on Consumer Culture Theory", SC4 , Cal Poly Pomona , Oct-2019
  • "Facing the passage of time: Bodily aging and women’s identity work", Consumer Culture Theorys (Annual Conference) , Jan-2018
  • "Managing the aftermath: Scapegoating as crisis communication strategy" , Journal of Consumer Behaviour , Aug-2020
  • "Becoming a fighter: The emergence of modern martial masculinities" , Markets, Culture, and Consumption Workshop , May-2016
  • "The Tipping Point: Going from Adaptive to Maladaptive Consumption Behavior Patterns" , North American Advances in Consumer Research Conference , Oct-2015
  • "Mancaves and Masculinity" , Markets, Culture, and Consumption Workshop , Jun-2014
  • "Mancaves and Masculinity" , Consumer Culture Theorys (Annual Conference) , Mar-2014
  • "All Wrinkled Are Not Equal: Identity Myths and Identity Threats in Facial Self-Care" , Consumer Culture Theorys (Annual Conference) , Jan-2013
  • "Lay Theories in Consumer Goal Setting: The Case of Weight Loss" , Association for Consumer Research Conference (Conf.) , Jan-2012
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