Kristin Walle

Part Time Lecturer, Management/HRM (MHRM)
Campus Phone: 562.985.4753
Office: COB-321 (Hours)

Kristin Walle is an experienced financial and operational executive with broad global reach. Her experience encompasses financial, strategic, compliance/regulatory, and risk with global responsibilities for the past 19 years at Automatic Data Processing (ADP). In this role she oversees $2T of financial transactions, 700 international associates, $140M in expenses, and $100M in new client implementations annually. In addition, Kristin’s responsibilities extend beyond the global financial operations to include shared services for the Compliance Solutions Division. This includes the Client Experience, Implementation, Partner Alliance, and Program Management/Lean Six Sigma operations across seven product lines. Kristin reports to the Audit Committee of the Board at ADP covering Enterprise Risk Management analysis, financial/operational key metrics, and global sanctions screening/anti-money laundering (AML) updates. She presents to the full Board on ad-hoc projects such as the development of a Trust Company and AML program disclosures. Beyond her Corporate role, Kristin teaches finance and leadership courses and devotes significant time to the development of leaders through formal mentoring and coaching engagements. She is a regular speaker on risk at industry conferences.

  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Pepperdine University, 1998
    Major/Concentration: Finance
  • University Of Phoenix (2016 - 2019) Lead Faculty/Area Chair
  • University Of Phoenix (2009 - Present) Faculty
  • Brandman University (2007 - 2019) On-line Instructor
  • "Creating a Culture of Outcomes", APQC, PPM Conference American Productivity & Quality Center , Dec-2020
  • "Architecting Effortless Client Experiences: The Impact on Global Payments", Future Digital Finance , Dec-2018
  • "Corporate Treasury Client Perspective", JPMChase Global Leadership Meeting , Dec-2017
  • "Closing the Compliance Gap", ADP Global Security Client Forum , Dec-2017
  • "Who Is At The Center Of Your Funding Universe: Employees, Products, Or Customers?", Software Executive Magazine, Aug-2019
  • "Direct Communication and Employee Experience", Customer Experience magazine, May-2019
  • "Customer-Facing Compensation, Outcomes, and The Ignoble Definition of Culture", Software Executive Magazine, Oct-2018
  • "Senior Vice President" (Jan-2021) , ADP
  • "Senior Vice President" (Jan-2020) , ADP
  • "Senior Vice President" (Jan-2019) , ADP
  • "Senior Vice President" (Jan-2018) , ADP
  • "Senior Vice President" (Jan-2017) , ADP
  • "Senior Vice President" (Jan-2016) , ADP
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