Jun Yan

Professor, Management/HRM (MHRM)
Email: jun.yan@csulb.edu
Campus Phone: 562.985.4740
Office: COB-307 (Hours)

  • PhD, Texas Tech University, 2001
    Major/Concentration: Management
  • Master, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, 1993
    Major/Concentration: Business Administration - International Business
  • Bachelor, East China Institute of Technology, 1991
    Major/Concentration: Automatic Control and System Engineering
  • CSULB (2008 - Present) Associate Professor
  • CSULB (2001 - 2007) Assistant Professor
  • Texas Tech University (1997 - 2001) Teaching Assistant
  • "Collective Entrepreneurship, Environmental Uncertainty and Small Business Performance", Journal of Entrepreneurship, Mar-2017
  • "Individual Entrepreneurship, Collective Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Small Business: An Empirical Study", International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, Jan-2016
  • "Leadership, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Innovation in Small Business: An Empirical Study", Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Jan-2013
  • "An Empirical Examination of the Interactive Effects of Goal Orientation, Participative Leadership and Task Conflict on Innovation in Small Business", Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship , Jan-2011
  • "The Impact of Entrepreneurial Personality Traits on Perception of New Venture Opportunity", New England Journal of Entrepreneurship , Jan-2010
  • "The Impact of Entrepreneur personal values on the organizational structure of small business", Proceedings of the International Academic Conference , Jun-2014
  • "The Impact of Personal Values on Entrepreneur Leadership Styles: An Empirical Examination", Proceedings of the International Academic Conference , Jun-2013
  • "The Interactive Effect of Entrepreneur's Personality and Collective Entrepreneurship on Innovation in Small Business: An Empirical Examination ", International Conference on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises :Management -Marketing -Economic Aspects , Jul-2012
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