Xuan Huang

Xuan Huang

Professor, Accountancy (ACCT)
Email: xuan.huang@csulb.edu
Campus Phone: 562.985.2756
Office: COB-402 (Hours)
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Dr. Xuan is a professor in the Department of Accountancy. She got her Bachelor's degree in International Business, MA in Communication and Ph.D. in Accountancy.

Financial Accounting; Managerial Accounting

Earnings management, tone analysis and limited attention.

  • PhD, University of California- Irvine, 2011
    Major/Concentration: Accounting
  • Master, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2005
    Major/Concentration: Communication
  • Bachelor, Soochow University- China, 2002
    Major/Concentration: International Business English
  • University of California, Irvine (2010 - 2010) Teaching Instructor
  • University of California, Irvine (2007 - 2011) Teaching Assistant
  • University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (2004 - 2004) Teaching Instructor
  • University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (2003 - 2005) Teaching Assistant
  • Maintek Computer Co., LTD. (2002 - 2003) OEM Engineer
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