Petition to use CBA-493 Internship Course as an Elective

IB, Marketing, and Management (HRM and OSCM) students enrolled in the CBA-493 Internship Course and having an internship relevant to their academic concentration are eligible to use CBA-493 as an elective, pending final approval from the College of Business (COB) Department Chair/Program Director.
Management (HRM and OSCM) and other concentrations may request to have CBA-493 substituted for an option elective pending approval from this form. At the request of the COB Department Chair/Program Director, a Substitution Form may be an additional requirement.

Use this form PETITION TO USE CBA-493 INTERNSHIP COURSE AS AN ELECTIVE to get College of Business (COB) approval before submitting the University petition form.

PREPARATION: To fill out this form you will need the following information:

  • Start and End Dates of your internship.
  • Employer Name, Location and Type of business.
  • Your role at the company as intern.
  • Total number of hours you worked or will work as an intern.
  • Number of units you enrolled in for CBA-493.
  • Confirmation of Pre-Approval from COB Department Chair/Program Director.
  • Complete a written Justification Document saved as a PDF to attach to the form.

Do you meet the Qualifications to request use CBA-493 as an IB, Marketing, or Management (HRM and OSCM) elective

  • I am currently enrolled in CBA-493 Internship Course.
  • I am currently enrolled in CBA-493 with 3-units
  • I am submitting this form after the 3rd class session of CBA-493.
  • • I currently have or within the past six months had an internship highly relevant to my academic concentration in alignment with this form submission.
  • I have a completed a written Justification document saved as a PDF to attach and upload to the form submission.
  • I understand I can only use the elective (this form) option once.

Yes: I have read and meet each qualifications stated above
No: I do not meet these above qualifications yet.