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Name Email Office Hours Phone Department Title
Reddy, Sabine sabine.reddy@csulb.eduCOB 209 Sabine ReddyHours562.985.7967Management/HRM
Reddy, Sabine sabine.reddy@csulb.eduCOB 209 Sabine ReddyHours562.985.7967Office of the DeanAssociate Dean for Administration
Reed, Elizabeth elizabeth.reed@csulb.eduCOB 452 Elizabeth ReedHours562.985.4653AccountancyHIDDEN
Regadio-Auberry, Chris chris.regadio-auberry@csulb.eduCOB 200 Chris Regadio-AuberryHours562.985.5008Legal Studies in BusinessASC
Regadio-Auberry, Chris chris.regadio-auberry@csulb.eduCOB 200 Chris Regadio-AuberryHours562.985.5008Office of the DeanAsst to Assoc Dean/Comm Spec
Regadio-Auberry, Chris chris.regadio-auberry@csulb.eduCOB 200 Chris Regadio-AuberryHours562.985.5008International BusinessASC
Resume, Support cob-aacsb@csulb.eduCOB 200 Support ResumeHours562.985.2519Office of AccreditationFaculty Resumes, Journal Submissions
Ribadu Jenkins, Maryam maryam.ribadujenkins@csulb.eduCOB 318 Maryam Ribadu JenkinsHours562.985.5664Management/HRM
Ricards , Zachary zachary.ricards@csulb.eduCOB 341 Zachary Ricards Hours562.985.4256Marketing
Rishi, Andre andre.rishi@csulb.eduCOB 363 Andre RishiHours562.985.8550Graduate ProgramsGrad Business Career Coord
Rivera, Alice alice.rivera@csulb.eduCOB 445 Alice RiveraHours562.985.4446Accountancy
Robinson, Jessica jessica.robinson@csulb.eduCOB 310 Jessica RobinsonHours562.985.4358Management/HRM
Roeder, Jane jane.roeder@csulb.eduCOB 200 Jane RoederHours562.985.8600Ukleja Center for Ethical LeadershipDirector
Ross, Terry paul.ross@csulb.eduCOB 333 Terry RossHours562.985.4565Legal Studies in Business
Rowe, Jeff jeffrey.rowe@csulb.eduCOB 455 Jeff RoweHours562.985.5639Management/HRM
Rutherford, Kari kari.rutherford@csulb.eduCOB 333 Kari RutherfordHours562.985.4565Legal Studies in Business


Primary Address
College of Business, COB 200
California State University Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, California 90840
COB Dean's Office: 562.985.5306
Campus Operator: 562.985.4111
Campus Police: 562.985.4101
Emergency: 911