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Name Email Office Hours Phone Department Title
Baez, Sergio sergio.baez@csulb.eduCOB 338 Sergio BaezHours562.985.4766Marketing
Barrulas Yefremian , Claudia cl.barrulasyefremian@csulb.eduCOB 315 Claudia Barrulas Yefremian Hours562.985.5796Management/HRM
Barrulas Yefremian , Claudia cl.barrulasyefremian@csulb.eduCOB 315 Claudia Barrulas Yefremian Hours562.985.5796International Business
Barth, Stephen Adam steve.barth@csulb.eduCOB 314 Stephen Adam BarthHours562.985.4111Management/HRM
Batiste, Melanie melanie.batiste@csulb.eduCOB 316 Melanie BatisteHours562.985.5516Management/HRM
Bedard, Barton (Bart) bart.bedard@csulb.eduCOB 451 Barton (Bart) BedardHours562.985.5754Accountancy
Behzad, Banafsheh banafsheh.behzad@csulb.eduCOB 426 Banafsheh BehzadHours562.985.4272Information Systems
Benli, Omer omer.benli@csulb.eduCOB 329 Omer BenliHours562.985.7697Information Systems
Bentley, Jeffrey 319 Jeffrey BentleyHours562.985.4282Management/HRM
Biegel, Markus markus.biegel@csulb.eduCOB 341 Markus BiegelHours562.985.4256Marketing
Boyce, Allison allison.boyce@csulb.eduCOB 342 Allison BoyceHours562.985.8110Information Systems
Brown, Katie katie.brown@csulb.eduCOB 200 Katie BrownHours562.985.5307Office of the DeanExec Asst – Dean, Facilities Coord
Brown, Lori lori.brown@csulb.eduCOB 433 Lori BrownHours562.985.7795Information Systems
Bullard, Jessie jessica.bullard@csulb.eduCOB 437 Jessie BullardHours562.985.1940Information Systems
Butler, Allison allison.butler@csulb.eduCOB 322 Allison ButlerHours562.985.4894Legal Studies in Business


Primary Address
College of Business, COB 200
California State University Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, California 90840
COB Dean's Office: 562.985.5306
Campus Operator: 562.985.4111
Campus Police: 562.985.4101
Emergency: 911