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Name Email Office Hours Phone Department Title
Abdelhamid, Mohamed mohamed.abdelhamid@csulb.eduCOB 432 Mohamed AbdelhamidHours562.985.2361Information Systems
Abramis, David david.abramis@csulb.eduCOB 300 David AbramisHours562.985.5360Management/HRM
Acc-Nikmehr, Nataliya nataliya.acc-nikmehr@csulb.eduCOB 333 Nataliya Acc-NikmehrHours562.985.5008Management/HRM
Acc-Nikmehr, Nataliya nataliya.acc-nikmehr@csulb.eduCOB 345 Nataliya Acc-NikmehrHours562.985.5008International Business
Advising, Helpdesk cob-css@csulb.eduCOB 100 Helpdesk AdvisingHours562.985.4514Center for Student SuccessQuestions
Ahl, Celeste celeste.ahl@csulb.eduCOB 331 Celeste AhlHours562.985.5008Legal Studies in Business
Altimari Brown, Cathrina cathrina.altimari-brown@csulb.eduCOB 333 Cathrina Altimari BrownHours562.985.5008Legal Studies in Business
Alvarez, Lisette lisette.alvarez@csulb.eduCOB 200 Lisette AlvarezHours562.985.2519Office of AccreditationAssessment & Accreditation Analyst
Alvarez, Lizette lizette.alvarez@csulb.eduCOB 126 Lizette AlvarezHours562.985.2542Center for Student SuccessSr. Lead & Student Success Specialist
Ammermann, Peter peter.ammermann@csulb.eduCOB 328 Peter AmmermannHours562.985.7526Finance
Annex, Study cob-css@csulb.eduCOB 126 Study AnnexHours562.985.2165Center for Student SuccessTutoring
Appointments, Front Office cob-css@csulb.eduCOB 100 Front Office AppointmentsHours562.985.4514Center for Student SuccessAppointments
Arikenbi, Tayo tayo.arikenbi@csulb.eduCOB 334 Tayo ArikenbiHours562.985.8945Information Systems
Arnold, Josh josh.arnold@csulb.eduCOB 324 Josh ArnoldHours562.985.8604Management/HRM
Asher, Abraham abraham.asher@csulb.eduCOB 437 Abraham AsherHours562.985.1940Information Systems
Austin, Phillip phillip.austin@csulb.eduCOB 437 Phillip AustinHours562.985.1940Information Systems


Primary Address
College of Business, COB 200
California State University Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, California 90840
COB Dean's Office: 562.985.5306
Campus Operator: 562.985.4111
Campus Police: 562.985.4101
Emergency: 911