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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

X-ray and Electron Microscope Use Requirements

The California State Department of Public Health, Radiologic Health Branch (RHB) regulates the use of x-ray producing machines in California. The RHB requires CSULB to follow the policies and procedures set forth in the CSULB Radiation Safety Manual. At CSULB, a University Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) reviews applications for proposed use of any x-ray device operated on campus or under the auspices of CSULB anywhere else. The campus has appointed a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) to run the program on a day-to-day basis. The RSC works with each applicant to set control measures that ensure compliance with the safety requirements, and then issues a formal Ionizing Radiation Use Authorization (IRUA) for x-ray devices. Any x-ray device to be used on human subjects or live vertebrates requires additional authorizations.


All CSULB personnel who solo-operate an x-ray producing device, including electron microscopes, must have successfully completed the CSULB X-Ray safety training program. This basic x-ray safety training consists of a presentation slides, followed by an exam. This basic safety presentation addresses the biological effects of exposure to ionizing radiation. Some basic radiation physics and regulatory information is also presented.

To complete the training, view the X-Ray Radiation Safety Training (PDF).

Upon viewing the training presentation, please take the X-Ray Radiation Safety Exam (PDF). Follow the instructions on the exam for printing and submission. The test must be turned in to the Radiation Safety Office, MIC-207, for grading and documentation purposes.

Beyond passing the basic radiation safety exam, all operators must be trained in the safe use and configuration of each device operated. Each holder of a valid IRUA is responsible for presenting and documenting this device/operation-specific training. Each IRUA holder will be provided with a standard radiation safety log book and training documentation forms. Programs are audited at least annually by the RSO.