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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Radiation Safety Training Worksheet

NAME: ____________________ DATE: ________________

GIVEN: you are doing an experiment in your lab. The meter is on and you are checking your gloves and working carefully. Using a disposable pipette tip and a pipettor, you withdraw 10 ul containing 100 uCi of 35S from the radioisotope stock bottle. You put the ten ul into a disposable beaker containing 25 mls of a water-based solution. Your beaker has a radioactive sticker on it and has been properly labeled.

1. How many uCi 35S per ml do you have in your solution?

2. When you finish your experiment, will you have aqueous radioactive waste or organic radioactive waste?

3. Where in the white Rad Notebook do you record the fact that you just took 100 uCi of 35S out of the stock bottle?

4. Your stock bottle is fresh, but if it were 3 months old, how many uCi would have been in the 10ul you took out of the bottle?

5. You put a radioactive sticker on the beaker - what did you write on the sticker?

GIVEN: you continue working. You add 75 mls of water to your solution. Using a disposable pipette, you put one ml of your final solution into a scintillation vial and count it in the LSC. You finish with your experiment and clean up. You pour off the solution into the radioactive waste bottle, and throw your disposables away as appropriate. You think that probably about 1 ml of your solution stuck to the sides of the beaker. You put your scintillation vial with the other waste scintillation vials from previous experiments. You immediately do an experiment survey.

1. What was the final concentration of your solution in uCi per ml?

2. How many uCi did you put into the scintillation vial?

3. What number did you write down in the "microcuries of waste" column on the Scintillation Vial Waste Logsheet?

4. Which waste log will you fill out for your radioactive dry-solid waste, "short-life radioactive waste" or "long-life radioactive waste"?

5. List each item you will throw away into the Radioactive Dry Solid trash, and how many microcuries (or fraction thereof, if any at all) of 35S you think each item is contaminated with:

6. When you log this waste onto the Radioactive Dry Solid Logsheet, will you list one number only (the total microcuries for all items) or list the microcurie amount item by item?

7. What did you do to the sticker on the beaker before you threw it away?

8. How many microcuries of radioactive liquid waste do you have?

9. Describe how you will perform and record your experiment survey.

10. What would you write on an unlabeled bottle of hydrochloric acid (how would you label it)?