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  • We Are Open for School Visits

    The Science Learning Center is currently accepting school visit requests. We are open for school visits (via request) on Thursdays and Fridays between 9:00am and 2:00pm.

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    A typical school visit to the Science Learning Center (SLC) involves an activity led by our staff, and free exploration time for students to explore the exhibits around the SLC. Activities generally last between 30-45 minutes and free exploration is 10-15 minutes. Learn more about school visits.

  • Explore Our Virtual Exhibits

    You can experience our Critter Collection from the comfort of your own home or classroom. Check out our Critter Cam exhibit, where you can view a featured invertebrate (animal without backbones) in real time! A new invertebrate is featured roughly every month.

    What can you learn from a bone? Turns out, quite a bit! Check out our exhibit Skulls: Heads and Tales, where you can examine 3D models of animal skulls in virtual space!

Hands-on Science Learning

The Science Learning Center (SLC) provides unique learning experiences for elementary and middle school aged students in local communities, as well as the students of CSULB, through exhibits and activities that encourage questioning and hands-on investigation. Through both on-site and outreach programs, the Center seeks to support STEM awareness and interest, to inform and support local science education and provide an avenue to showcase research in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics to new audiences.

kids turning a crank and generating an electric spark

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Science Learning Center

Hall of Science (HSCI), room 110


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