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California State University, Long Beach
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Faculty and Staff

You are lucky to be taught by some of the best faculty on campus! Faculty in the Science Education Department have distinguished themselves in numerous ways. They are sought after to work on major projects, they have received numerous grants, awards and they coordinate many projects at the local and national level. Learn more about their grants and projects. This is a partial listing of faculty awards and honors.

You'll find contact information below for Science Education faculty and staff. For general information, contact the Science Education department office at (562) 985-4801 or visit us in HSCI-205.

Chair and Program Advisors

Name Photo Position & Contact Information Office Hours
Lisa Martin-Hansen Lisa Martin-Hansen Chair, Professor
(562) 985-4801
Office: HSCI-205
Lisa Martin-Hansen View Faculty Website
By appointment
Tim Williamson Tim Williamson Science Credential Program Advisor
Classes: SCED 475
(562) 985-5949
Office: HSCI-218

Open Advising Hrs:
Tu & Wed 1:00-5:00pm

Th 1:00-4:00pm


Al Colburn Al Colburn Graduate Program Advisor
(562) 985-5948
Office: HSCI-216
Al Colburn View Faculty Website
Spring 2015 - Sabbatical

Science Education Staff and Faculty

Name Photo Position & Contact Information Office Hours
Danny Ames Danny Ames Web Developer
(562) 985-1407
Office: HSCI-154
Tamara Araya Tamara Araya Lecturer
(562) 985-4801
Office: HSCI-205
Stephanie Bauer Stephanie Bauer Lecturer
(562) 985-4801
Office: HSCI-210
W 7:00–8:00pm;
or by appointment
Katie Beck Katie Beck Lecturer
(562) 985-4801
Office: HSCI-206
Hellen Carcamo Hellen Carcamo Department Coordinator
(562) 985-4801
Office: HSCI-205
Monday - Friday
8 am - 5 pm
Merlin Driggs Merlin Driggs Student Teacher Supervisor
(562) 985-4801
Office: HSCI-205
Sally Driggs Sally Driggs Student Teacher Supervisor
(562) 985-4801
Office: HSCI-205
Suzan Gomez-Zwiep Suzan Gomez-Zwiep Associate Professor
(562) 985-5574
Office: HSCI-204

W 4:00-5:00pm, via email, and by appointment.
Jill Grace Jill Grace Lecturer
(562) 985-4801
Office: HSCI-206
Laura Henriques Laura Henriques Professor
(562) 985-1408
Office: HSCI-214
Laura Henriques View Faculty Website
Spring 2015 - Sabbatical .
Tom Kelty Tom Kelty Professor
(562) 985-4589
Office: HSCI-314
M,W 11:30am–12:30pm;
Th 3:00–4:00pm; or by appt.
Jim Kisiel Jim Kisiel Associate Professor
(562) 985-1325
Office: HSCI-208
Via email, before/after class.
Keith Miller Keith Miller Lecturer
(562) 985-4801
Office: HSCI-212
Tu 7:00–8:00pm;
or by appointment
Rose Olivares Rose Olivares Student Teacher Supervisor
(562) 985-4801
Office: HSCI-205
Myra Pasquier Myra Pasquier Lecturer
(562) 985-4801
Office: HSCI-212

SCED 475 Immediately after class; and by appointment.

William Ritz William Ritz Professor Emeritus, Student Teacher Supervisor
(562) 985-4802
Office: MIC-002
William Ritz View Faculty Website
William Straits William Straits Associate Professor
(562) 985-1965
Office: HSCI-202
Immediately after class; or by appointment
Jo Topps Jo Topps Lecturer
(562) 985-4801
Office: HSCI-212
M 7:00–8:00pm
Carol Welsh Carol Welsh Lecturer
(562) 985-5398
Office: HSCI-205
T/Th 9:00–9:45am
Th 1:00-2:00pm – and by appointment only
Brett Wiley Brett Wiley Lecturer
(562) 985-4801
Office: HSCI-206
Not teaching Spring 2015
Sharon Writer Sharon Writer Lecturer, Student Teacher Supervisor
(562) 985-1966
Office: HSCI-210
Student Teaching Supervision
Rod Ziolkowski Rod Ziolkowski Lecturer
(562) 985-4801
Office: HSCI-206
Not teaching Spring 2015 semester