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California State University, Long Beach
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Ryan Ward Wins Future Science Teacher Award

Ryan Ward in the classroom

Ryan Ward, Single Subject Credential Student in Science Education at CSULB has been awarded the Future Science Teacher Award at the California Association of Science Education. Ryan previously worked with Young Scientist Camp in the Department of Science Education and is certified to teach physics, geoscience, and computer science.

Ryan Ward completed his credential at CSULB last year. The summer before he student taught Ryan was an instructor in CSULB's Young Scientists Camp. Ryan and his teaching team worked with 30 middle school kids for two weeks doing a STEM Makers Challenge program. Big ideas that they explored were simple machines, force and motion, energy and momentum, and gravity. All of this was done through different engineering challenges. Ryan developed and led creative lessons which helped students utilize the engineering design process. One of his multi-day activities had students building a rubber band powered propellor rocket/plane which traveled across a string. Students experimented with the number and position of fins and propellors, length of the rocket and more. Ryan designed engaging lessons which focused on big ideas of science. He built a quick and meaningful rapport with the students and was an asset to the camp program.

During student teaching Ryan again built strong rapport with students and teaching staff. During his student teaching he helped organize and run a three day field trip to Catalina Island with his middle schoolers! His master teacher and university supervisor both raved about his performance as a student teacher. Not surprisingly, Ryan was hired and now teaches in San Francisco Unified. Ryan has a geological sciences and physics single subject credential.

Ryan is one of many CSULB students who have received this award. View past recipients.