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Graduate Student Resources

Research Instruments

The Florida State website includes a variety of research instruments and the scholarly literature which describe their development. The various instruments are categorized as: Affective Measures, Conceptions/Beliefs, Teaching Observation Protocols, Descriptions of School Sites, and Descriptions of Teaching Practices. There are instruments related to nature of science in the Affective Measures category.

Assessment Tools in Informal Science has a variety of surveys/assessment instruments that are useful for both formal and informal settings. This site allows you to search for instruments by age (select what age level you are working with), domain (type of instrument - Competence and Reasoning, Engagement / Interest, Attitude / Behavior, Content / Knowledge, Career Knowledge / Acquisition), assessment type (Drawing, Interview, Point Scale, Multiple Choice, Short Response, Extended Response). You can also do custom searches where you control for multiple characteristics.

Statistics Resources

If you are doing quantitative studies, esp. ones where they're using SPSS, you might find Statistics Help for Students handy. It includes detailed directions about how to enter the numbers and analyze the data in SPSS, how to interpret the results, and how to report them when they write them up.

If you are doing simple stats you may want to use GraphPad QuickCalcs. This site allows you to enter data and run various tests. It allows students to test categorical data, continuous data, distributions, random numbers and chemical/radiochemical data. It's simple to use - you can enter raw data or various group data (means, SD, etc.).

California/School Based Data

Ed-Date allows you to find out data about districts and schools in California. You can search for individual schools and find out data about the teachers and students (EL population, free/reduced lunch, teachers in/out of field, etc.)

General Resources (Links)