Drops and Withdrawals

First 2 Weeks of Class

Students may drop classes during the first two weeks of classes via the MyCSULB Student Center and the class will not appear on their permanent records. See Drop and Withdrawal Procedure and Timeline [PDF] for dates.

After First 2 Weeks, Prior to Final 3 Weeks

If withdrawing after the second week of instruction, a "W" will appear on the student's permanent record. Students should consider the consequences of this action and consult their academic advisor. After the second week of the term, withdrawals can impact progress towards degree, future course enrollment, and future financial aid eligibility. In addition, the withdrawal units will be applied to the student's Undergraduate Withdrawal Limit (18 units over the course of their entire CSULB undergraduate career).

To withdrawal during this time period, follow the directions on the Petition to Withdraw from a Class(es) After the First 2 Weeks and Prior to the Final 3 Weeks of Instruction Form [PDF]. Signature approval must be obtained from both the Instructor and the Department Chairperson.

Students should also be aware that after the 2nd week of instruction, class withdrawals are permissible only for serious and compelling reasons. The definition of serious and compelling reasons as applied by faculty and administrators will be defined more narrowly as the term progresses. Please be advised that poor academic performance or poor time management is not justification for withdrawing from classes.

During Final 3 Weeks (Catastrophic Withdrawal)

Withdrawal during the final three weeks of instruction is not permitted unless there are circumstances beyond the student's control in which a serious personal life situation, illness or accident prevents the student from continuing in their classes and Incompletes or other arrangements with instructors are not possible. Categorized as a Catastrophic Withdrawal, such requests require thorough and credible documentation, normally involve withdrawal of all courses in the term, and are not intended to be made more than once during a student's academic career. In order to be considered, requests for Catastrophic Withdrawals require support from the instructor, chairperson of the department offering the class, and the Dean of the college in which the class is taught. Final approval can be granted only by the Office of the Provost.

If seeking a Catastrophic Withdrawal, the student should submit the Petition to Withdraw from Classes in Final Three Weeks of Instruction [PDF] and the applicable form (Catastrophic Withdrawal Request-Medical [PDF] OR Catastrophic Withdrawal Request–Beyond Student's Control [PDF]) no later than the last day of classes in the requested term.

Catastrophic Withdrawal may be initiated at any point during the semester, but no later than the last day of classes in the requested term.

Unit Maximum

Undergraduate students may withdraw from a maximum of 18 units over the course of their entire CSULB undergraduate career.

The 18 unit limit does not apply in the following circumstances:

  • Courses dropped during the first two weeks of the semester will not count toward the limit.
  • Courses NOT taken at CSULB will not count toward the limit.
  • Withdrawals recorded prior to Fall 2009 will not count toward the limit.
  • Catastrophic Withdrawals Requests (due to circumstances Beyond Student's Control or Medical Withdrawals) will not count toward the limit.

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