Transfer Student Advising

Transitioning from your former college or university can be made easier by connecting early and frequently (at least once a year) with your faculty advisor. You are required to meet with your faculty major advisor during your first semester at CSULB to discuss your schedule for next semester and review your plan for graduation. A transfer advising hold will be placed on your ability to register until you meet with your advisor.

Faculty major advisors will help you to:

  1. choose, clarify, plan, and achieve educational and career goals
  2. select courses to integrate educational and personal goals
  3. develop a strategy to monitor progress and development
  4. identify academic and personal skills that need to be acquired or enhanced to achieve educational goals
  5. increase awareness of the full range of campus programs and services
  6. understand the relationship between academic experience and career opportunities and objectives
  7. access information and obtain guidance for post-baccalaureate studies
  8. complete and submit appropriate forms and petitions necessary for academic progress
  9. connect with the CNSM Internship Coordinator (Dr. Elaine Bernal).

Student Jobs in the College

Want a part-time job within CNSM? Consider applying as a student tutor or peer mentor to lower division students. For more information, contact the Jensen SAS Center.

Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement Placement Examination

You will need to complete the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement Placement Examination (GPE) during your first semester here at CSULB. For more information and test dates, please see the Testing and Evaluation Office's Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement Placement Examination.

Contact CNSM Advising

Please include your student ID number in all email correspondence.

Drop-In Hours

Drop-in Hours have been canceled until further notice. Please email your advisor or for quick questions.


In-person appointments are canceled until further notice.

Students can meet with advisors for online appointments using Zoom. Please schedule your appointment through Student Success Collaborative in Single Sign-On and select "Online-Academic Advising." Your advisor will send a separate email with the Zoom link for the appointment.

Please note that for quick questions, email your advisor directly. For questions regarding registration, please review our Registration FAQs before emailing your advisor.

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