Repeating a Course

Please see Repeating Courses from Student Records for more information.

If a student does not pass a course or fails to complete the course, there is the option to repeat it. The repeat policy allows for a student to repeat up to 28 units. Out of the 28 units, 16 units can be used for grade forgiveness (see below). Check MyCSULB Student Center on Single Sign-On to track your individual courses.

  • The limit applies to courses taken at CSULB ONLY.
  • Repeats recorded prior to Fall 2009 will not count toward the limit.
  • Only the units awarded for the original attempt count toward the 28 units.
  • Students may repeat courses only if a D, F, WU, or NC was earned.
  • Once students reach the 28 unit limit, they will not be allowed to repeat any additional courses without an approved academic appeal.
  • Students who wish to attempt an individual course for a third time must submit the "Exception to Academic Policy" form (found on Enrollment Services Forms) to the associate dean of their college. Permission is granted only in rare instances. CNSM students must first schedule an appointment with the Academic Advising Center.

How to Request an Exception

Please follow the process outlined below. This information is also found under Repeating Courses - Undergraduate Students from Student Records.

  1. Log in to MyCSULB Student Center in Single Sign-On. Under Academics, select Enrollment Adjustments.
    screenshot: Enrollment Adjustments link is under Academics section
  2. Select Repeat Limit Exception.
    screenshot: Repeat Limit Exception link is under Enrollment Adjustments tab
  3. Select Create New Request to start a new request.
  4. Review the information and then select Next.
  5. Choose the course you wish to repeat and then select Next to continue.
  6. Select the term you plan to repeat the course. If you're repeating a class for which you received an A, B, C, or CR grade, you'll need to choose the reason for your appeal. Then, select Next.
  7. Provide a personal statement that explains the reason for your request. Include why you want to repeat the course, evidence of changes in your academic behavior, and goals that will lead to academic success. When you're finished, select Submit to send your request for approval.

Your request will automatically be sent to the required approvers. You'll receive an email once your request has been processed. You can check the status of your request by returning to the Repeat Limit Exception page.

Grade Forgiveness

A maximum of 16 units can be applied for Grade Forgiveness. Courses must be taken at CSULB. When a passing grade is earned on the second attempt, the transcripts will reflect both courses, but only the passing grade will be calculated in the GPA.

Grades Averaged

Grades Averaged is used when the maximum 16 units have already been used for Grade Forgiveness. If the student needs to take a course for a third time, and the appeal is granted, all three of the grades will be averaged.

Contact CNSM Advising

Please include your student ID number in all email correspondence.

Drop-In Hours

Drop-in hours have concluded for Spring 2024. Advisors are still available via scheduled appointments.


Academic Advisors appointments (30 minutes sessions) are prioritized for continuing students. Please see our Appointment Guide regarding on-campus advising appointments.

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