Probation and Disqualification

Academic Probation

Undergraduate students are placed on academic probation if at any time their cumulative grade-point average in all college work attempted or their cumulative GPA at CSULB falls below 2.0 (a "C" grade). If this should happen to you, realize that your GPA, while important, does not necessarily measure your ability to learn, your motivation to pursue your major/career, your non-academic talents, and your capacity to do better in the future. However, academic probation is a serious warning to the student that her/his academic record is unsatisfactory.

To help you move towards reaching your academic potential CSULB has some free resources to assist you.

  1. First, we highly encourage students that are on probation to attend the Strategies for Success Workshop through UCUA.
  2. After attending this workshop, schedule an appointment to talk with an academic advisor.
  3. Connect to campus resources that can support you getting back on track such as:

Students who fail to maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 might be removed from CNSM major and placed in the undeclared category. To be reinstated as majors in the impacted program, they must reapply at the time when change-of-major requests are normally accepted.


Academic Disqualification occurs when a student who has been placed on academic probation did not raise their CSULB GPA or Overall GPA to a 2.0 or better, and as such results in dismissal from CSULB. This can happen after one or two semesters on academic probation.

Students can appeal their disqualification. For more information, go to the UCUA page on academic disqualification.

Students who have been disqualified may apply for reinstatement.

More information about CSULB's Probation and Disqualification policies can be found in the catalog under Academic Regulations.

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