Summer SOAR Guidance for Incoming CNSM Freshmen

For Incoming 2022 Science and Math Freshmen (First-Time, First-Year Students)

Welcome to California State University, Long Beach and the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM)! We are excited to help you achieve a smooth and successful start to your college career.

Please note: the following information is for incoming freshmen (first-time, first year students) who are majoring in science or math. Incoming freshmen from other majors can find their college's advising resources on SOAR's Advising and Registration. Incoming CNSM transfer students should instead read Summer SOAR Guidance for Incoming CNSM Transfers.

Info Session Webinars

Please mark your calendar to attend the live Zoom sessions hosted by our college and departmental programs.

  • June 28 - CNSM Freshmen Scholars Learning Communities. 3:30pm-4:30pm.

Read more and RSVP.

SOAR Experience Overview

The SOAR Experience consists of two processes:

  1. Orientation Process is led by Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR).
  2. Advising and Registration Process is led by the CNSM Academic Advising Team.

Your Orientation and Class Registration dates are linked: when you register for SOAR Orientation Workshop (on campus), you are assigned the corresponding Class Registration date (online).

Orientation Dates and corresponding Class Registration Dates
If your Orientation is on this date: Your Class Registration for Fall 2022 is on this date:
July 25 July 28
July 26 July 29
July 28 August 1
July 29 August 2
August 1 August 3
August 2 August 4
August 3 August 5
August 3 August 8
August 4 August 9
August 4 August 10
August 5 August 11
August 9 August 11

Note: Orientation is held on campus. Class Registration is conducted online; on-campus assistance with registration can be provided upon request.

Steps to Start Your Journey

  1. Accept your Admission by submitting your Intent to Enroll and Enrollment Deposit by May 1. Visit your MyCSULB Student Portal via Single Sign-On (SSO) to get started.
  2. Check your BeachMail and personal email accounts on a regular basis for directions and announcements. See: How to Check BeachMail.
  3. Begin mathematics class placement as soon as possible. ALEKS Mathematics Placement will become available on your Single Sign-On (SSO) once you submit your Intent to Enroll and Enrollment Deposit.
  4. Begin chemistry class placement. Chemistry placement resources will become available on May 1.
  5. Make a reservation for your linked On-Campus Orientation Workshop and Class Registration Dates by June 1.
  6. Complete your online academic advising course or attend one of the CNSM Freshmen Academic Advising on-campus workshops. Registration for advising workshops will become available on June 1. Academic advising must be completed by July 15.
  7. Complete the CNSM Freshman Academic Advising Survey no later than July 15.
  8. Fulfill your Orientation Process. Learn more about this step by visiting SOAR Orientation. This must be completed before enrolling in classes.
  9. Complete the Advising and Registration Process. You will be receiving an invitation to sign up for an advising appointment on your registration date, either online or on campus. This is your time to ask questions about placement, fall schedule, and registration help.

Please read the following information:

The following information may also be helpful:

Important Reminders

Check your personal email and your new CSULB email for updates and read the information below so you understand the full process.


Contact CNSM Academic Advising Center,