Early Alert

Science and Math Early Alert is a voluntary academic advising and student support intervention plan designed to identify students experiencing academic difficulties mid-way through the semester. Through this system, faculty may refer the student to their academic advisor. The student is encouraged to meet with their professor, their academic advisor, or both, explore the nature of the problem, and strategize interventions to help them achieve satisfactory academic progress.

Courses Included in Science and Math Early Alert

In Fall 2019, the following courses are included in the Science and Math Early Alert program:

  • BIOL 211, 212, 213, 260, 340, 370
  • CHEM 90, 111A, 111B, 220A, 377A, 377B, 441A
  • MATH 112A, 113, 119A, 122, 123

Please note that not all sections in each course might participate. Be aware that instructors are not required to participate in Early Alert. In these cases students should not assume they are doing fine, but rather should follow up with their instructor to get their specific information on their progress in the course.

What to Do If You Get an Early Alert

How Academic Advisors Might Use Early Alert

Depending on your academic major and your specific situation, advisors will decide what course of action best fits your individual needs. Advisors might:

  • Call you for advising appointment to design a plan that best serves your academic objective
  • Refer you to appropriate campus resources
  • Provide suggestions on support needed in your current or next course
  • Recommend class schedule that best fits your needs
  • Provide other support as needed

Contact CNSM Advising

Please include your student ID number in all email correspondence.

Drop-In Hours

Drop-in Hours have been canceled until further notice. Please email your advisor or CNSM-advising@csulb.edu for quick questions.


In-person appointments are canceled until further notice.

Students can meet with advisors for online appointments using Zoom. Please schedule your appointment through Student Success Collaborative in Single Sign-On and select "Online-Academic Advising." Your advisor will send a separate email with the Zoom link for the appointment.

Please note that for quick questions, email your advisor directly. For questions regarding registration, please review our Registration FAQs before emailing your advisor.

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