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John Murray to Elizabeth [Murray] Inman, 9 November 1771, Murray Papers, Courtesy, New-York Historical Society Page 1


Norwich 9th Novr 1771

Dear Sister

On the 30th of last month your af-fectionate favour of 23 Sepr came safe to hand, which informed us of your intention to re-enter into a married state, your general reasons for that step and your future plan of life.
As our children had not mentioned any thing of this event, and you said the news of it had given them a shock, I must own that I was a little affected on their account, and I believe your Sister more than me, although she took but little notice of it.
Upon mature deliberation, I am inclined to approve this change of life after your return to America; for having heretofore appeared as a person of consequence there, it would ill brook our family spirit, to be degraded to a kind of no-thingness without a home or family.
The chief reason of my supposing that you would remain single, exclusive of your attach-ment to the interest of our Children, was the diffi-culty of finding an Object every way worthy of your choice; yet from waht I remember, or have heard from you and others of Mr Inman, I make no doubt of your being as happy in this as in any of your former matrimonial connexions:
On this agreeable event therefore your sister most sincerely joins me in wishing both Mr Inman and you much Joy and all manner of happiness for the remainder of your lives.
With regard to your private affairs, as the concern was principally your own, you certain-

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